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How long to install ceramic floor tile in an entry way? Answered

We have an entry way that leads right into the basement.  Since we have occationally had water on the floor there we want to take up the carpet and install ceramic tile.  It's a small area, only about 50 sq'.  I found lots of information online about estimating materials but nothing about how much time to allow for this project.  I'm an above average handyman.  About how many hours should I expect this to take?  I know there are several stages, how long do I need to wait between stages?

1) apply self leveling floor compound (how long for this to set before going to next stage)?
2) Apply mastic and lay down tiles (how long for this to set before going to next stage)?
3) grout tile lines (how long for this to set before going to next stage)?
4 seal grout lines (how long for this to set before going to next stage)?


My entry is just about this size and I tiled it myself.

For the materials I used:

Floor leveling compound needed about an hour, but I did it late in the evening on Friday and let it set overnight.

The mastic I used was walkable after an hour but again I let it sit for about 6 hours while I did something else.

Grout was walkable as soon as I was finished cleaning off the tiles, but an hour or two should pass before sweeping etc.

I didni't seal mine but it should probably sit over night.

Your products time limits may vary and if don't in very humid weather may extend the time needed.

In any case if you start on a Friday evening you should be able to be finished by Monday morning.

Can you give me an idea of how many hours you spent on each stage of it? I'll need to block out my time between other projects and want to make sure I leave enough time to complete each step without rushing.

Leveling didn't take long since my slab was already pretty level.

Laying the tile took maybe half a day.  It takes a while to get the first row straight then it goes pretty fast.  Cutting tiles slows you down.  Maybe half a day.

Grouting maybe an hour or so.

The answer to all 4 is pretty well "it depends" - on the materials you use. With good pro stuff you could do it in a couple of working days.