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How many Distortion pedals could I use at once, and would it make much difference? Answered

So I had a revelation yesterday and i thought of the idea of using 2 or more distortion/overdrive pedals on a custom pedalboard, for my electric guitar.

I'm very reluctant to try because I don't know what will happen, and as a school kid I dont really have any money to throw away.

What I want to know is has this been done before?; Will it mess up my amp, or worse my guitar?; And Will it have any effect on the sound, or will it remain constant?

Thanks for your time :D

if no one answers. I might just dare to try



1 year ago

You can connect many distortion pedal together...most pedals have a loudness button so you can start at a low setting...the more pedals you connect together the more background noise there will be like a hum or a hissing sound ...depending on the type of pedal , and how each pedal is adjusted, this may result in a very bad sound or a cool sound...you can experiment as much as you want, some people connect 10 - 15 pedals...distortion pedals tend to compress and limit the sound loudness...it is doubtfull the sound will be much louder than with only one pedal.


8 years ago

If you keep everything at a reasonable volume it shouldn't hurt your amp, guitar, or pedals.