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How many LEDs rated at 5V can I use on a 6 Watt Radio Amp? Answered

I there, I have a 6 watt radio amp that if I used the Voltmeter correctly is only really using 1.3 watts at it's highest volume on the busiest song.  I want to add LED lights to the dial and I'm wondering how many can I use?  I purchased LED lights rated to a max of 6V and the engineer told me that they can be used for a 5V power supply.  I would like to use as many as I can in series and will like to learn how one comes up with that number.  Thanks


Hi there iceng, I'm new to all of this. the LEDs already have resistors. My question I guess was really trying to figure out if I would have any issues powering these LEDs and if safety is a concern in conjuction with the 6w amp which from what I have measured is at 1.3watts at the moment and I may make some changes to make it go up to 4.5watts.

If you know what the voltage supply [ not watts ] of the radio amplifier then I can help.....

Here is a table ;

A 12v supply => use two leds in series

A 15v supply => use three leds in series

A 20v supply => use four leds in series

iceng, since It seems I'm limited to keeping one light, which is what I already have. Do you have any suggestions or ideas as how I can accomplish wiring up this 5v amp that generates up to 4.5 watts of power to speakers and that will allow me to power up a 6.3volt lightbulb that is already on the radio. What would I need? Thanksa million

Ha, I guess I'll use one and no in series. It's a 5v supply radio powered by an apple usb adapter and a micro usb cord.


3 years ago

You need to know the real LED voltage and LED design current, say white LED which needs 3.6v @ 20ma.

Then go to http://led.linear1.org/led.wiz and plug in

the 6 volt supply

the 3.6 volt led forward voltage

the 20 ma design current

and a 4 led array

click the wiring diagram