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How many actually recreate my instructables? Answered

Every author, contributor, maker on Instructables ask's early or later this questions: Who and how many are actually rebuilding my instructables?  How useful and clear was this Ible for the rebuilder? What improvements have been made?
After 5 years and 10 instructables further, I don't have an answer. There is hardly any feedback to answer my main question: How useful is my effort to publish my projects in a way that people can rebuild this (instructable)? Who are the rebuilders? I am a teacher who does not know his pupils. Or more clearly, a writer who knows how many books are sold, but who does not know if they are also read. Some people say in the comments they go to make the project and after that you hear nothing more. How is this for other authors on Instructable?
It is legal to have thoughts about this side of the authorship. When it is not for my own joy and curiosity that I make and publish my project's for who else do I make this effort? Maybe the team of Instructable's can initiate a contest for the best reproductions of published instructables. Maybe one of mine is chosen ;-)


Have you seen the new "I made it" button?

That should start to give you an idea.

No... I will check that. Thanks for the hint!

Not 1 of the 160k visitors has pressed that button seemingly. How is that for other authors? This topic is an inquiry if people reproduce projects and use this "I made it" button or give any other reaction/feedback. Maybe it is an idea to make in the overview on the profile page a category "I made it".

The button is very new - I have a couple, out of over 4 million views.

Good to hear the button works ;-). The button is a good idea to stimulate rebuilders to give feedback. It's new, so I wait till the miracle happens. In the meantime I give birth to my next project; I hope this will be a replicating success.