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How many analog outputs does the Parallax Spin Stamp have? Answered

I have been looking forward to getting a microcontroller with analog outputs, but I need to choose whether I should get the Spin Stamp instead of a bulky Propeller board.



Best Answer 6 years ago

After reading the datasheet I cannot find any mention of analog outputs on the Parallax Spin Stamp, and assume there aren't any. I believe all the I/O pins are digital.

Nonsense! How could the shieldable Propeller board display color NTSC if it didn't have any analog outputs?

I was talking about the spin stamp, but I could very well be mistaken. I do not see anything in the documentation about exporting video, but I did for the propeller board.

The Spin Stamp is actually a 24-pin Basic Stamp board, but with a small Propeller onboard. Anyway, it is surely possible to have NTSC coming out of a Spin Stamp; it's just that only the shieldable Propeller board has a built-in video jack.

Ah well thank you for correcting me then, I legitimately have no clue of how many analog pins there are.

According to the parallax website, the propeller has no analog pins. Here is an article http://www.parallax.com/portals/0/help/P8X32A/QnaWeb/ that tells a way around that

Actually, to me, the fact that the general purpose pins are unlabeled in terms of digital or analog makes my idea be that they are all analog I/O.