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How many different ways are there to put a handle on a tool? Answered

I've made a wee wallpaper roller to help apply some strips of adhesive cork in my landy. And it struck me that all my home-made handles are crap. They start as ~1" dowell with a hole down the middle, but even if they're snug to start with, the shaft loosens up and the tool spins in the grip. So to save it I end up cutting a slot and snugging it up with a hose clamp. Currently I have three tools in this state. What better handle designs are there?


 umm look on the ibles site if nothing try PVC

Drill a hole in a golf ball and press onto the tool.

Well what your hose clamp does is what "proper" handles do, there is always a ferrule at the end of the handle to stop the things splitting. You could make one from a piece of copper pipe, and turn the wood to make a tight fit on the ferrule.

The problem is not splitting - handle is spinning on the shaft. So the hose clamp is supposed to squeeze down on the shaft. Another trick I tried was deforming the shaft with a file or bolt cutters before fitting to handle, and it helps but still doesn't stop the problem. Any screwdriver I've busted open has some sort of wider bit like a tang, but I have no way to duplicate that. Another idea was to cut the fat dowell down the middle, and lay the shaft inside but to put a 180 degree turn at the top, and dig out just enough of a bed to hold this, then glue and string-wrap the handle back together.

Or you could just put in a screw :P that oughta hold 'er

Yeah - my last effort I put a 1mm hole through the shaft, then put a panel nail through that inside the wood - was enough to stop the spin.