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How many images do you have in your image library? Answered

How many images do you have in your library? I have 315 images so far. It will be interesting to see how many images a person like Kiteman or Timaderson would have in their library....



9 years ago

1028. Nearly have of those belong to a single Instructable...

313 313 313 313 313

omg I beat you by 4! (I put 2 more images in my library earlier)

Now I have 351, because I posted a new ible.

. 64. I feel so inadequate.

I don't think that would be a good idea. Do you realize how laggy instructables would get?

. I'm a Forum Rat. I only have one iBle and two collaborations.

5000+ I really don't know

YOU DO NOT HAVE 5000+!!!! you can just check by opening a comment box, and then the add images button should tell you how many images you have.

you only have 5 ibles, and 2,000+comments. Kiteman has 90 ibles, and 13,000+ comments, and he only has 2,080

So? Mabye I am a secret FBI spy that has a million instructables ready to publish

*decides this is the funniest comment so far today*

Nothing is impossible for Super man!

whoops, there goes my identidy

superman dat OH!!!! *cranks dat soulja boy*

1040. I put perhaps too many pictures in my ibles. :D

-5421 Joking it is .... 27?????!?!?!??? I Thought that I had more!


9 years ago

I have 313


9 years ago

30. A nice round number.


9 years ago

283. I would have guessed more like 150, go figure.

694 L


I've got 310 images, lots of them in only 2 of my instructables though....

It's not the size that counts, it's what you do with it...

725, but it takes longer to scroll or search through things to find the pic you want to reuse.



thats around the number I was expecting.

Oh yes? And how did you decide that?

You have 90 instructables, and 13,000+ comments, where a couple thousand would have images. I was thinking around 2000 for you.