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How many languages you know ? Answered

How many languages you know ? (A few or complete)


Vulcan, Klingon, kinda rusty on reading that...

I hear Vulcan is a hot language, and Klingon can sometimes get a little sticky...

Nanoo! Nanoo! Remember Mork and Mindy?

I heard this joke once:

How do you call someone that speaks many languages? A polyglot. How do you call someone that speaks two languages? Bilingual. How do you call someone that speaks one language? American.

I know the Four language....

All except the gesture language. Man, I hate gesture language. What if I were a president and I was wrong and shown mi**** finger in the public instead of a index finger.

1. Gesture language
2. Russian
3. Philippines
3. French
4. Italy
5. Chinese, sticks and bolt, like a child's scratches.
6. Latin
7. Portuguese
8. Arabic
9. Indian
10. Japan
11. Korean
12. Hindu Language.. I think I have forgotten the name....
13. Spanish
14. German?

That's all I can say. Thanks!


What do you mean by "gesture language"? Do you mean ASL? Or the Sign alphabet?

If you're looking for English, it's #6 in your list.

"Hindu" is not a language, it is (a) a religion, (b) an ethnic group, and (c) not on the figure posted.

"Sticks and bolts"? What exactly is that supposed to mean?

Your ignorance of a culture and its language is a reflection on you, and denigrating something about which you're ignorant merely advertises your narrow-minded bigotry.

if you don't know, shush. Gesture Language means that it includes all gesture language types, like ALS, NPDS, Acient Egypt....etc Latin is not English. They are totally different. I am a Buddhism, which is the same with a Hinduism, but not totally the same. We called the language that they used "Par Leed". Our lord Buddha was born there. We use that language at that time. You don't even know what is Par Leed right? So don't think to overcome me. I am 12 years old but I know more than you do. Sticks and bolts meant that those three languages use sticks and bolt figures. You can't even read Chinese right? Then to be simple, I will just say shush. This is a nice community, not a rude community. I commented like a optimist, but you made this out like a pessimist. Next time you find me some trouble, I will flag you or I may call 911. THIS IS THE LAST WARNING YOU DUMBA**!!!

Yes, I know. I can no longer keep him in my nerves...

You need to be open to criticism. People will not always agree with you. People have the right to think different than you, even though you feel strongly about your beliefs. To speak disrespectfully to someone older than you shows your lack of wisdom. It doesn't matter how much knowledge you might have if you lack wisdom you will not be able to help yourself and others.

I would hope at your age that you would have learned humility and respect from the great masters. The outbursts you have at the end of your posts are quite tempermental and arrogant.

1. Your comparison of proper Sign languages with offensive gestures is a clear indication of ignorance and disparagement of the Deaf culture.

2. The word "Latin" is not what the speakers of that language called it. That is the English word for the language.

3. Buddhism is not Hinduism. Which form of Buddhism do you practice? The Great Vehicle? Taoism? Zen? Pure Land?

4. No, I have not heard of a language called Par Leed. Do you mean the language called "Pāli" In English? If not, could you can tell me where Par Leed was spoken and written? I would like to learn more about it.

5. I have never heard the term "sticks and bolts" used to describe Asiatic languages except as a term of disparagement. Is that a translation of a non-offensive term from another language?

6. I can read Chinese (I can only read the simplified form of Chinese used in the PRC; the menus of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco are quite difficult for me).

7. Please, if you feel that I am offensive, flag my comments. I have not yet used any of the profanity or blasphemy that you have used in many of your own comments.

Ni Hong Ma?>Chinese> U fine?

Nay Kaung Lar?>Myanmar, Burmese> U fine? (I am a Myanmar(Burmese, the same. While the British colonies came here with unfair justice, they call us Burmese) so I am an experto!!!)

Lae Thae Like>Burmese>Go lie and die.

Thake Ma Knang Nalt>Don't stare a girl too much!

Ngar Thay Chin Tal>I wonder die.

Min Ga Lar Par>Good Morning!/Noon!/Evening!/Afternoon!/Night!/Midnight!, mulitpurpose ;)

Car>Car (Yes, the same)

Site Car> Trishaw (Funny Burmese language, uhu?)

Tha Yell!>Ghost!

Kat Thu> Cardboard

Hta Min>Rice, our main food


A Sir Poke>Eat too much(sounds funny in English ;)

Le*>Extremely Rude word, don't let me describe it

Sheet!>I am here(Yes, sounds funnay!)

Pin Sin>Pension

A Yang Kyee Tal>Too big

Kaung Kite Tal>Headache(Ha Ha!, sounds funny!)

Cheese>Human Waste (Yes, that really sounds disgusting! I no longer wanna eat cheese anymore!)

Sadly, only fluent in English. Very little Spanish and French.

I've always wanted to be fluent in another language, just hasn't happened yet.

I am a Spanish native speaker. I speak English as a second language since I was a child and now I am learning Italian and Cantonese Chinese.

English, Binary, Spanish, Basic etc...

01001001 01001100 01001111 01010110 01000101 01000010 01001001 01001110 01000001 01010010 01011001 !

01001101 01000101 01010100 01001111 01001111 00100001

HEY, binary language of the mighty computers right?


6 years ago

English !

Español por supuesto, English, Latin, a bit of french italian and dutch, japanese (the only difficult are the kanjis)

English. Spanish -- I was getting quite good with it around 8th grade, then got screwed over by high school language programs and now am terrible. I've learned a little Latin, which helps me create rough translations of most of its derivatives (Romance languages and the like). I've always wished I'd learned German.

Deutsche Welle, the national broadcaster of Germany, offers several language courses for beginner/intermediate German on their website. Here is a link. Download them for free. Each audio lesson has a corresponding lesson in text (PDF). They are primarily geared for conversations tourists might have while traveling in Germany. I have used "Deutsch--Warum Nicht?" and found it quite good.

Thanks, I'll have to take a look at that. I don't have too much interest in using it conversationally, it's more of a combination interest in the German side of my family, and my fascination with language development. (How half of the English language has evolved from Latin, and how the other half has evolved from German).

In high school I decided to become a Lutheran pastor. At that time (1960s) we were expected to have some Latin, German, Greek, and Hebrew. The Germans do a good job of making insightful connections between various things in the Bible that are very useful for teaching and preaching. After graduation I worked at gaining more reading proficiency in German so I could really use some things we were required to buy for classes. In time I wanted to learn to understand spoken German and to be able to speak a little. Some of that interest was sparked by the way my father would speak (Low) German with his friends when I was a child and he did not want me to understand what was being said. Germans with whom I have spoken in German tell me I do quite well, although I do not feel adequate. But, being able to get along in German has gotten us invited into private homes. Along the way I listened to a lot of spoken German on shortwave radio. Now you can download those same broadcasts in FM audio quality.


7 years ago

Czech is my milk language, I was discouraged speaking German as a child
because of the war, French, over 30 ML assembly including PIC, forth,
Fortran, BASIC, Binary, Octal, HEX, Ladder_Logic, LabView,
Real_Basic ( Far Better then Microsoft Visual Basic ).

Other then English; I know COBOL, BASIC, Jscript and a bit of Perl :-)

BASIC, Pascal, Delphi, Fortran and some assembler dialects.....
And a bit of some obscure thing called "French"
Plus I can ask for beer in a further 9 !

aye, I have forgotten most of what I knew about reading High Elven ;-)

Awwww :( I came here to make that joke :( You beat me to it.

Aw, sorry nya nya nya nya nyaaaa j/k

dutch, english, a little japanese


7 years ago

English, and a bit of French and German.

Portuguese, English, Dutch fluently
Spanish (understand and be understood but it needs some work)

Spanish (native. I dominate it quite well).
English (with Google Translator help)
Italian (ho imparato quattro parole leggendo libri accanto al dizionario)