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How many led lights can I power with 5v 2000mAh power bank? Answered

I'm a guy who tries everything. Not an engineer or electrician but I would like to make a DIY camera light using LED strip and one or 2 5V powerbanks. Please advice on how to go about it.



Thank you guys ended up making a Joule Thief. lots of flickering though. when the powerbank battery is getting low


1 year ago

Assume you want white LEDs with a series resistor each pulling 15ma in parallel..

The math is no sweat, 2000 divided by 15 = 133 LEDs for one hour

or 66 LEDs for two hours

or 33 LEDs for four hours...

The process is simply reduce the LEDs in half and double the run time.

Can I do a 2*5v+ 2*1.2v batteries in a series. Thanx iceng and Downunder for your answers though.... or can i use a parrel of 3.7V phone bateries like 4 of them in seiries

you can do whatever but not for more then a minute.

Mixing different batteries is asking for problems, even a fire !!!

I've used a 2 meters long USB RGB LED strip powered by a super thin 2500mah USB Power Bank from the Five and Below store as a belt for dances. No problems powering the LED strip for 3 hours or so, and no heating up.

Either get 12V batteries or seek a 5V LED strip first ;)


If you don't solder, do what Downunder recomengs,,,

recommends !