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How many members does Instructables currently have? Answered

300,000 subscribers to the newsletter, 2.4 million new views per month, but how many actual signed-up members? How many of those members could be classed as "active" (for any given definition of "active")?



Best Answer 9 years ago

The last page of the list https://www.instructables.com/tag/type:user/?&offset=575660 has 13 entries, so 575,673.

How many are active? I think that would require a more invasive database query, asking for each user when they last logged in. I have no idea if I'bles even keeps that information internally.

. All the info should be in the server logs. . I think number of posts would be a better metric of activity than number of logins. I haven't taken the time to investigate how posts are handled, but they should show up in the logs so that they can be gleaned. YMMV.

They keep track of log-ons, look at the maker fair austin topic.

as of when the staff went to trapese world (or something like that) there were exactly 100,000,000

In the past 30 days, we had 100 K logins. Half of those were new users.

>insert surprised face< 50 thousand new members per month. Adding in a fudge-factor for slow initial growth, call that 2 million members??

No, kelseymh's method is accurate. The growth hasn't been linear, and was much slower in the beginning.

Don't let him fool you. There's only 13 members. A crafty cabal, if you will. All the rest are clever Turing devices. It's true. I wouldn't make things like that up.

Ha! you can't fool me! I know you're programmed to say that!

How does any of those links have anything to do with only 13 members? Although seriously it could be true, most people's last log in was like 6 months ago.

Yea yea whatever, although thanks for the link to the stick figure cartoon joke website thingy, there's some pretty funny stuff on it.

Wow! That is quite a lot! I mean Instructables is the best site I know on the net but still it has some good competitors like youtube and metacafe and make... How many members actually have more than 1000 comments?

Runescape still has way more members, last time I checked.

That site doesn't have to do anything with DIY and make....

I know, but I am just saying it is way more popular than this.

Yea, to people that are gameholics... and know a thing about anything accept games...

except...i couldn't help myself

I know, but I am just saying it has more members! Instructables is better, but it still is more popular.

How about 13826400 members?

I counted how many members there are and it is that

WoW! That is a lot of people... Did you get bored while counting??? :D

So you are saying there were 50 Kling ons to the newble ones?

Well, there's me, you, ewilhelm, randofo... and i'm probably missing a few more, so I'd say around 10.