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How many members is there? Answered

Just wondering if anyone knows how many members of instructables there is? There seems to be new members popping up every day and I can't find any official numbers on the count.




9 years ago

Around 311,360

I believe it's in the works to have a statistics page on here.

based on the Instructables robot messages, bout a million . (really, check out his comments.)

ACTIVE, less than 100,000 is my bet

Clever! Actually, I don't see the one million figure. But there seem to be >140,000 "Hello! Welcome to Instructables!" messages, which should be one for every new user, at least since the 'bot started welcoming them (Oct 17, 2006?)

. IIRC (can't find the post), the Robot has taken a few vacations and missed quite a few ppl, so the number will be higher than it appears to be. . Judging by the fact that no one on staff has jumped in, I'll guess they don't want everybody to know, but I am curious as to how many ppl I'm abusing. ;)

Not only would the number be higher because of Robot's vacations, there was also a long period of time where Eric greeted new members (like me).

the problem is, although there is a high number of members, sadly many of them post around 50 comments and stay for a month average, then never return. There is also the chance that a lot of people really got interested and created a new, more appropriate user name.

I saw that Instructables supposedly gets....either 2 or 20 million views. Our actual community, the ones that talk in forums and regularly comment probably don't even make up a 9% of all the people here.

oh and patrik, my mistake, I read the number wrong, its 140,000 I read 1,400,000!

Ah, here's my source. It says That at 27,000,000 pageviews a month, its Federated Media's second biggest.

some ppl arent welcomed by the bot(example:me)

Huh, it says you posted "-170 minutes ago", tech-king.

yeah. back then. there were 170 minutes till take off.

bump. and a better question is how many active members are there?

I'm not sure I count as an active member - I'm a bit lazy as regards physical exercise...

I wish I knew aswell. Perhaps there will be a way of telling in the future, but there isn't now.


10 years ago

I would guess at least 71298...

How do I know? Well, my first try was to do an empty Search for People. Turns out, if you leave the Search field blank, or just enter a space or somesuch, it revert to doing a search for "All", not just "People".

I couldn't figure out how to do wild cards in the Search field, so I tried the next best thing: single letters. I have to admit that I don't fully understand what the Search function looks for when it searches for single letters, but it's clearly not just people who's user name is "x", or even who have the single letter somewhere in their description. Some letters give a *lot* of hits, some don't give any, even very common letters such as "t".

It turns out that a Search using the letter "m" yields a whopping 4754+ pages, with 15 hits each, for a total of 71298 users.

(No, I haven't checked whether these are all unique hits... ;-)

. Even if one discounts that number, say, 15% for abandoned accts and ppl with multiple accts and maybe another 10% for multiple hits, that's still ... uh ... a bunch of folks. More ppl than live in my town, anyway.

More ppl than live in my town, anyway.

Wish I could say the same. :-(

um, i noticed some thing, it searches for the letter in the name some were. people like kiteman and doctor what are there,so that means that most people that have more then one letter in there name will be counted many times, not just one.

I don't think so. Any decent Search algorithm should remove duplicates, so if there's an instructable that mentiones "knex" 20 times, you shouldn't see 20 hits to the same instructable when you search for "knex".

In this case, the top hit for for the letter "m" is user "m m". Clearly the hits are sorted by relevance, and a hit in the user name is counted as being more relevant than a hit elsewhere in the user's record. But notice that there is only one hit for user "m m" on the first page.

I am suspicious about the fact that the letter "m" specifically gets so many more hits than any other. But so far, I haven't see any actual duplicates. Not that I'm planning to spend much time looking for any, mind you...

no, i ment as in the name "kiteman" has a "m" in it, but it also has a "k" in it. so it would show up if you searched for "k" and "m". making him be counted twice.

Ah yes. But I'm not doing 26 searches and then adding everything together. The letter "m" alone gets 4754+ pages of hits. That's why I said "at least 71298 users"...

By the way, I started out checking the most common letters in the english language - etaoin shrdlu - but I quickly noticed (at "t", in fact...) that the number of hits didn't seem to correlate well with that. So I just checked them all, and picked the one with the most hits to give me a lower bound.

I think the reason why "m" gets so many hits may be because it matches a tag which occurs in all or almost all user records. In which case 71298 may indeed be the total number.

There may also be some bug that causes "m" to return far more hits than it should. If so, "a" may give a more accurate estimate, with 729 pages, and 10923 users.

hmm, ok i see. also you have to think, "e" may be the most common letter but how many names that people would use start with "e"? lots of names start with "m". so that might be the reason.

. Click on "search" next to the search box at the upper right of most pages, on the page that opens change "All" to "People", click the "search" btn, start counting.

Isn't there a way to figure this out?