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How many of your instructables can you name off the top of your head? Answered

I managed 23. Not bad, only missed out 2! I admit that many are similar, but the ones I missed out were my helmet instructable and my guitar solo instructable. So, that makes a total of 92% memory! Not bad, huh?
Go on, try it now!


 uh nothing....
Oh man i'm smart 100%

  1. Fried eggs with no pan
  2. Basic Bike tricks and skills
  3. killerjackalope's guide to cycling
  4. Zippo tricks
  5. Zippo tricks 2
  6. Reflinting and Rewicking a Zippo
  7. How to have sex (collaboration)
  8. Bean Beast pizza
  9. Crispy Cheese Bake
  10. Pocket jet engine
  11. Coping with it
  12. A friend in need
  13. Making magic burning bubbles
  14. How to look good
  15. How to be attractive
  16. Usb lighter drive
  17. USBapple
  18. Flash drive savers
  19. I did it again but with the toilet
  20. Decking a house out for nought
  21. Fixing a flaw in the dell dimension 5000
  22. Planning a daily cycle route
  23. Giving your bike it weekly clean and tidy
  24. Fixing jet lighters
  25. Instint mint coffee
  26. Instint mint hot chocolate
  27. How to make coffee
  28. Shaving your feet: a guide
  29. How to play the spoons questionably
  30. Sewing with steel
  31. bargain corner table
  32. komplement lampshade
  33. washing your clothes in the bath
  34. Being safe as a pillion passenger on a motorbike
  35. How to leave school early
  36. Opening a beer, many a way
  37. Photography tricks
  38. Clean a toilet without bleach
  39. Polish your shoe like and absolute psycho
  40. How to talk to an ex
  41. A bit of safe cracking
  42. Build your own website
Eh 42 isn't bad...
Embarassingly I had to cheat to remember how many 'ibles I have, 68 in total and a few of the titles were wrong.

TAR- Tactical assault rifle
Knex Cube
Highest rated knex Ibles 09
All the things you need for a survival kit
Where to find LEDs
Knex toilet roll holder
Knex armoured war tank
My knex projects
RX9 high power rifle
Big crossbow
TUKWC- The ultimate knex war crossbow
Big rubberband ball

Lolz, I cannot be bother doing the rest... Im too tired...

 Knex ipod dock 
1 ;)

How to make paper claws
Origami flip knife
Brain melon
Melon keg
How to make an undermig paper pistol!
How to write a song
How to write a book
How to write a parody
How to Rick Roll
How to rap
How to write childrens peoms
My 8' Jack Skelington puppet
How to make amazing paper snowflakes
Stop-motion tips
How to do the running hand effect
How to stop motion
How to claymation
How to make a paper RPG
How to make a paper RPG bullet
My Jack Skelington and Sally costumes
Origami Zero
Origami gryphon
How to cheat at a test professionally
How to leave school early
How to floor skate
AWESOME NINJA MASK!!!!!!(Done my way)
T-shirt ninja hood
Samuri armor and ninja death stars
Bandanna wallet
Paper wallet
Tetra-pak wallet
How to get past a school firewall
How to make video games
How to make cardboard furniture
How to make free animations
How to be an awesome vigilante

36 WHAT! You don't got nuthin' on me!


8 years ago

my lego cannon
oodalumps wrectangle
my arcyon sniper!

 duhhh, lemme think, okay got it: 
My Wall-E home spinning wheel
s45 vulture
machine hand gun
my handgun
my wall-e home slideshow
My ABCS slideshow
my knife
wolverine claws

alright, lets see how well i did

 duhhh, lemme think, okay got it: 
My Wall-E home spinning wheel
s45 vulture
machine hand gun
my handgun
my wall-e home slideshow
My ABCS slideshow
my knife
wolverine claws

alright, lets see how well i did

YESS! got all 8

which gun-Slideshow
Project FireStorm-Slideshow

d frag-Instuctable

also my 2 unpublished
Knex war

I got 16 out of 18. And the ones I missed were the Ipod dock and my car.

all of mine

Easy mode activated!!

Everybody with less than 10 ibles has easy mode on.


Out of 99?  Heck, I have to search for all of them...

I scored 100% =)

I scored 100%! (out of my three instructables)