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How many people get on instructables per day? Answered

My friend was asking me how many popular Instructables was so I came to you guys.  How many people get on Instructables per day and how much money do you think they (Instructables) make by advertising and stuff.


thanks for the quick reply- that sure is a lot- ill be sure to tell my friend!

The site has gown massively in just a few years - 336th highest-ranked site in the US, top 500 globally.

There are getting on for 50,000 projects on the site - it would take at least a quarter of a million sheets of paper to print them all out.

How do you come up with these statistics? And how does Instructables generate income for the employees?

Take a look at the Advertise link at the bottom/side of the homepage. The Quantcast statistics are there if you click on the graph.

Go through all the channels and count up pagecounts and number of ibles displayed .

Or he looks at his magic ball.

Actually, I just a lot of d20 and checked the critical tables...

By googling website value estimators, I found estimates that they make between $111 and $30,000 a day in ad revenue. I think this clearly shows that website valuation is complete BS.