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How many people out there are Pagan? Answered

I am!


Why is it so important to you to inform everyone about your religion? It is relevant to the Instructables community anyone's religion? Do you make anything better or different because of your religion?


God's Word roundly condemns paganism and witchcraft, as you may already know. If you believe, as some pagans do, that Jesus was a witch, the Bible will disabuse you of that notion. If you are determined to stick with paganism, then you should know how the living God feels about it.

The Bible tells us that there is only one God (Deuteronomy 4:35, 39; 6:4; Isaiah 43:10-11; 44:6-8; 45:5-6, 14, 18, 21-2; 46:9; 1 Timothy 1:17; James 2:19; Jude 25) and no other gods existed before God and none will exist after Him (Isaiah 43:10) nor do any exist alongside Him (Isaiah 44:6, 8; 45:5-6, 14, 21; 46:9) and although there is only one God (1 Corinthians 8:4-6) there are many false gods and goddesses (Galatians 4:8). Those who worship false gods and goddesses are denounced (Exodus 23:13; Deuteronomy 4:3, 19; 8:19-20; 16:21-2; Joshua 24:20; Judges 2:10-15; 3:7-8; 10:6-16; 1 Kings 11:32-3; Psalm 81:8-9; Jeremiah 11:9-17)

Pagans often worship nature, but although God created nature (Genesis 1) He is not identical with creation (Psalm 102:25-7; 113:5-6; Isaiah 40:22-5; Romans 1:25) and nothing can be compared to Him (Psalm 89:6; 113:5-6; Isaiah 40:18, 25; 46:5)

We are told to worship God alone (Exodus 23:25-6; Deuteronomy 6:13; 2 Kings 17:39; Psalm 99:5, 9; Luke 4:8; Hebrews 12:28; Revelation 14:7; 22:9) and forbidden to worship that which is not God (Exodus 20:3-5; 34:14; Deuteronomy 6:13-4; 8:19-20).

Also, in the 1800's when they translated the bible to english, they replaced gods real name wth "the lord" because they felt that his real name, (which should be found in psalms 83:18) Jehovah was to sacred to be used. The bible in its original translationof hebrew would have been directly translated to Yah Weh. Which is nowdays translated to Jehovah.

The Bible (AKA: God's word) never could have condemned paganism since no one of biblical times knew it even existed! Who are you to say that the God that pagans worship isn't that same God you do? Remember, the God Muslims worship happens to be the very same God from your Bible.

The bible can't even be based on god word, that roman guy sat down with a bunch of friends to figure out what to put and what to take out of the bible

That roman guy? Looks like someone watches History Channel, but doesn't absorb much...

Well, technically, any deviation from the prescribed method of ordinances was specifically not condoned. That's one reason why the Jewish leaders at the time of Christ looked down on the Samaritans. But please understand, I don't condone this Bible bashing on slasinki's part. I do my best to aboid this mess, especially considering the anti-traditional religion mess that was the last thread. . .

So your book, written by men is more correct than the books written by the pagan men who were at least equally devoted to their religion? Every religion is equally correct. One is not better than another. It's the people of the religions that the religions should be judged. Are they more or less hypocritical than those of another religion? In my experience, most overly enthusiastic (radical/charismatic) members of any religion tend to be the biggest hypocrites. They also tend to be the one's more likely to point a condemning finger toward those of other religions.

In my experience, I have seen the same as you. The most condemning/angry tend to be the most hypocritical. But, I don't think you realized I was giving a textual critique. I didn't realize you were trying to make a qualitative comparison of religions. Anyhow, I don't agree that all religions are just as correct as another. I have great respect for anyone that truly tries to live their religion, though. As you will notice, I;m not be

As you will notice, I'm not debating the correctness of the Bible, as I now realize the point you were trying to make earlier. ( I think)

Wika (what most Christians assume to be synonymous with Paganism), was denounced by the old Roman Catholic Church as being an instrument of Satan, in particular, Witches (members of the Wika faith). In fact, the religion doesn't even have the Satan character (or one like it) in any of it's lore. Most Christians carry on that belief even today. It's quite unfortunate.

It is what it is. I'd say There is opposition in all things. A force to influence to the right and a force to influence to the wrong. Inertia and friction. Whether or not people use such a belief as an excuse for their mistakes or wrong actions must be held separate from the question of the actual existence of such an influential being, in my opinion. People twist all manner of true ideas to their own purposes. Corporations for profit, nations for power, Monty Python for comedic awesomeness. I can only control what I do with truth.

Good grief, how long did it take you to provide us with this totally unwanted bit of information? I seriously suggest you find a better hobby than shoving your religious ideas done our throats. He only inquired if there were other Instructable users who hold paganistic belifs. He didn't ask for a bash at his relegious belifs.

At what point did he shove anything down our throats? A few people asked what pagans believe, so he told them..and I'm guessing he copied and pasted that from the website he linked to.

"God" (i.e. the many various authors of the collection of stories called "The" Bible) also tells us that the universe was created once, but in two different orders, insects have four legs, bats are birds, the Earth is flat and square, the universe is geocentric and Pi is exactly 3. The Bible also tells us that "God's Word" is inerrant. Hmmmm....

Well, I've certainly read about people claiming the Bible said some of those things, and that people claimed the Bible was perfect but sheesh . . . Some people also interpret "God's word" to mean the Bible, and nothing else . . . I for one, do not.

"Some people also interpret "God's word" to mean the Bible, and nothing else . . . I for one, do not." The only nominally-Christian sects I know that have more than the Bible as "God's Word" are Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses. Unless you're some pre-schismatic non-Nicene oddity?

You're missing the point. Analogy: There are people that claim Hurricane Katrina was specifically caused by global warming. Likewise, there are people that claim that the Bible specifically limits Pi as 3. Get it? Ancient methods of taxonomy have naught to do with the doctrine anyways. As for the other matter, there are lots of other people who recognize the answers they receive through prayer as revelation, which they are, but for personal consumption.

There are people that claim Hurricane Katrina was specifically caused by global warming. Likewise, there are people that claim that the Bible specifically limits Pi as 3.

Er, they're same people...

I workship Instructables. ... Why are you talking about religion in here ? What's the point ? Most of the embarrassing comments on instructables are about social classes, races, geographic areas, religions, age, sexual preferences ... I personnaly don't care about being politicaly correct, but why starting a forum on this ? I suggest you make an instructable of 'how to become a pagan' hehehehe ... serious !


11 years ago

I don't know what a pagan is. What would I be doing if I was one?

Good question! Is 'paganism' limited to the quasi-celtic resurgence or does it include, say, animists or other shamanistic traditions?

I asked a Catholic friend - "pagan" = "non-Christian" i.e. what the heathens were doing before the missionaries got there.

(He's not very Catholic, but his mother was - she used to rant about "pagan idolatry" and then make him kiss his St Christopher medal before going out for the day.)

It was meant for the original poster, because I like poking holes in people's arguments : ) (Nothing better in order to see if they really understand what they are talking about) Pagan from inside tends to be limited to quasi-celtic (quasi because, well, there isn't any real continuity of the traditions) pre-christian european religion. Heathen would be the more general term for non-christian, if speaking from within that faith I think.

Heathen = person who lives on the heath  
Pagan = person who lives in the country 

Christians started using these terms originally to refer to many people who believed in nature gods and goddesses because that's where those people lived at the time. 

Xtian, pagan.... Why not just have one big thread, "who here has a completely unfounded set of superstitious beliefs?" that the rest of us can safely ignore and get on with life in the real world.

You do understand that this comment is patently offensive to anyone with a brain and a faith, right?

Let's not have this same argument again, shall we? We've only just got over the last one.


You know that I am firmly of the opinion that anybody of sound mind, with the courage to question anything they are told must not be questioned will quickly discover the reason questioning is forbidden: no religious position can stand up to intelligent scrutiny.

If you are offended by my opinion, you should ask yourself "why am I offended?". Are you offended more by the implication that you are not of sound mind, or that you lack the courage to question?

Then you ask yourself - "Why did I choose between stupidity and cowardice?" If you truly had faith, you would have been more offended by the statement that your religion cannot stand up to scrutiny.

Easier to call "truce", I think, as I doubt we shall ever agree on this (though I think we're getting much more civilised in our falling-outs!). Curious coincidence - I have a book on my desk, waiting review (I forgot to mention, I review Science books for an education journal). It's called "Oracles of Science: Celebrity Scientists versus God and Religion". The flyleaf seems to show an anti-secular slant, but we shall see ...

*sigh* Listen, Kiteman, I was more begging that arguing that you show a little intellectual tolerance before. I stopped responding because I realized it was pointless then, as it probably is now. But, shall we have a philosophical discussion of the intelligent scrutiny of religion? Let us PM away, my friend and burden not this noble edificial forum with our tempestuous soliloquies (how the bleep do you spell that word anyways?). But to simply answer why such comments offend, if I insulted your mother, you most likely would be offended. Why? Because I have intellectually challenged the idea of your mother? No, but because you love her. That is why your belittling of the sacrifice of Christ offends me. I know what He has done for me, and I love him. He is my friend. Please stop abusing the public mind of this record. Simply think of me as a small-minded and weak-willed fool to believe such a thing, but please do not disparage my friend or my belief. To do so would be rude. Sincerely, Royal

Why would you be offended if someone doesn't care about your choice of religion?

Most other forums have an 'off topic' area. Perhaps instructables should have some way of 'isolating' thought experiments such as religious questions? Is there some way to flag in a non-negative way?

What, you mean the title wasn't enough of a tip-off?

NNNNNOOOO!!!!! Who brought this one up again? Religion and spirituality have no place on a DIY website. Oh yah, though I don't call myself pagan, my personal spiritual beliefs have been viewed by many as pagan. I personally call it Freelance Spiritualism, a blend of the better aspects of many religions with a twist of Jedi.

I, for one, have been touched by his noodly appendage. Ramen.

Pagans offended (in the UK) by this:

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Yeah, I saw that. Didn't get to read the the story to find out why they were offended.


Enough with the religion trolls! We've really had enough of them!

Yea, but you've taken the bait and joined in... L

Hey Weall... Try posting an Instructable instead of spending all your time Trolling!

well i like some pagan traditions and consider becoming one the only thing is some pagan things are just a bit too strange for me