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How many pickups do i need for my guitar? Answered


II recently bought a FENDER AFFINITY STRATOCASTER HSS...I also bought 2 extra humbuckers..(neck and bridge)...so can I have 5 pickups in my guitar? If yes, then can it be HSHSH or any other configuration... Pls help...

Is it possible to have 10 pickups? I mean, I saw 1 pickup in the middle (which is always one) in Youtube once that are actually two skinny pickups and it fit right into the middle so I'm thinking if it's possible to have 10 heavily super powered metal distortion pickups *excited* please respond, please D=


8 years ago

Well, I made a guitar 1 humbucker and a volume more not, I also have a guitar with 2 humbuckers, volume , tone. but that one I dont use. its kinda depends on what music you wanna make, go look at guitar sites like www.fender.com www.deanguitars.com that are to different guitars styles and all have different pick-ups, I still like humbuckers more than single coil but first ask your self questions. 1. what kind of music do I wanna play? 2. what does I like more single , humbucker, or both? then look at the sites of big guitar factories to see what they have and think what will help you get you sound.

 I would use 3 pickups, or 2 humbuckers

ZZ Top have been known to use single pick up Fender Esquires stating "If you can't do it with one pickup, don't bother" That said I like two single coils on my guitars and Eric Clapton and SRV and many others used three.

I built a guitar with only one pickup and it's awesome. This gives maximal sustain as eluded to above. Besides, most players only use one of the many pickups on their guitars. If you want a lead tone, you should mount a pickup in the bridge position, whereas if you want a more mellow rhythm sound, you should go for the neck. Bear in mind that if you only have one pickup, you also have to only pay for one - you can therefore buy one twice as expensive as two(!)- check out bare knuckle pickups - they sound ace as they're hand wound, but are very expensive. I mounted the rebel yell pickups on a les paul I made and they were well worth the money.

Depends on the size of the instrument. Most guitars will convieniently fit in the backseat of a standard car.

haha, I'm not sure that's what he meant.

Don't you get it? a "PickUp" as in a truck. How many PickUp-trucks do you need for your guitar?


9 years ago

The more p/u's you have the greater tonal possibilities, but it comes at an expense, namely natural sustain. Aside from the amount of wood removed for the p/u, each p/u's magnetic pull effects the strings' ability to freely vibrate. I have guitars with various p/u configurations. The ones I truly like the tone have 2 humbuckers and push/pull pots on the controls, so I don't have to drill holes in the wood.

If your only going to have on pickup I'd say a splittable humbucker in the bridge. As someone else said more pickups make for more tonal possibilities. I feel that too many pickups under the strings hinder my picking. Normal S-S-S on a 25.5"/22-fret is fine but something like a 24.75"/24-fret with H-H makes it too crowded.

It just depends on how many you want. Ive seen a guitar with one single coil, and another with 3 humbuckers. the bottom line is, The more pickups you have the more tone possibilities you get.

A respectable electric guitar has at least 2 pickups, but it depends on the kind of music you play. some have 2 single-coils & 1 humbucker, others have 2 humbuckers and one single coil, and a few that i've seen have THREE humbuckers. Personally, I like the hum-sing-hum configuration, which is a single coil or stacked humbucker in between 2 humbuckers.


9 years ago

ive had several unintelligent answers like that ! People need to read the question!!!!!


9 years ago

You need only one.

But having two or three offers more tone control. There's a different sound (harmonic content) to each pickup placement. Plus multiple pickups can be combined in different ways (phase canceling, etc.) for more sounds...

know of any sites with more info on pick ups?

thanks for the cool links! sometime google can't even help you.

on my bass there is two granted a 4 string bass i a little different from a guitar gmoon is right you only need one but two or three can make it sound freakin awesome and try going to www. guitarcenter.com and if all else fails go to google