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How many pieces counts my knex ball machine Revolution? Answered

That's my question for you! Here is a link to Revolution (with more pictures and a video)
You can only enter one answer.

This are the prizes:

1st place: 6 months pro membership and a patch
2nd place: 3 months pro membership and a patch
3rd place: a patch

The contest closes Friday, 18 July 2014

Good luck!




Total number of pieces: 13531

1) dr. richtofen (12369)                     6 months pro membership and a patch!
2) myOmy (12345)                            3 months pro membership and a patch!
3) Knexmaster888 (14948)               A patch!
4) Sorunome (15000)
5) Gargamel-Knex (15316)
6) didexo (17343)
7) nerfrocketeer (17344)
8) ~KnexBuild~ (18016)
9) Knex2thelimit (18292)
10) Zombiekiller-93 (7000)
11) akshat21045 (21045)
12) FlyingFish10 (118999881999119725)

Thanks for entering!



2340598118273641987236948716928375817263874601872365815239365918230874601723605869812363589746182738501728365 pieces is my guess! :)

I know it's over! I was just being funny!

I'm just going to guess here, but I'm not entering the contest.

My guess is 17,344, including the human being and the pillow. :P

Ah, I don't want to. I'm holding my own pro contests and it would be wierd if I was entering to win pro at the same time... I just want to see how close I get. :)

Ok then, I'll add you in the ranking and if you end in the top 3 your prize will be for someone else :)

in different countries they use a period . The way we would use a coma , numerically speaking, but not grammatically speaking

Ok, it seemed logical that he ment 12k and not 12 and 1/3 of a part :p

LOL! Now I think that I am such an idiot! Ah, well my guess was just for fun, you know.

my guess was just for fun as well, although, I must have better luck than you

Haha! I can't believe I guessed more pieces than Euphoria! What was I thinking! :)


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