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How many ways are there to cook an egg? Answered

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Fried Sunny side up / over easy / scrambled / omelet
Boiled soft / hard
Pickled 100years
Baking Meringue
Egg Benedict
Broiled egg
Microwave egg
Embryonic egg
Creme Brule
Hollandaise  Sauce
Beet pickled eggs
Deviled egg

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Zimmern's bizarre foods stuck in my head on that egg.


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Your list is pretty thorough... but you overlooked "basted" eggs. ;-)

We can try that at Basting some
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6 years ago

Why cook them? Just incubate them for a while and hatch them into chicks. (assuming they are chicken eggs)

:-) Most chicken eggs are infertile unless you have a cockerel. Added to which you then have to grow them to chickens when at about 26 - 28 weeks they begin to lay eggs. - Lets see,

A chicken can be reckoned to lay an egg about every other day (some every 24 - 28 hours) so a clutch of 12 eggs leads to 12 chicks, 1/2 are cockerels so 6 chickens.

in 28 weeks 6 chickens are laying a minimum of 21 eggs a week in 28 weeks you have potentially 588 chicks, half are cockerels so 294 laying hens.

In 28 weeks you have 8232 chicks so in a year you go from 12 eggs & perhaps 2 chickens to over 8000!!! you don't want to see the food bill unless you sell the eggs

That's why we eat them! :-)

No chickens were harmed in this experiment.

Yep, they multiply faster than cats.
We had chickens years ago. They were fun but also a pain. The eggs used to freeze in the winter time unless you got them very quickly. We had a rooster that was a very big pain. He used to go after my children. we named him soup, as we determined that was his fate. It was delicious, with a touch of revenge thrown in.

The ways of using eggs is almost endless.

Another interesting note: the eggs will taste different depending one what the chickens have been eating. "Free range" chickens, which eat virtually everything can have some not so tasty eggs. A friend of mine who has a cattle ranch used to let his chickens run in the cow pens but he stopped doing that after people commented that his eggs tasted, or rather smelled pretty strongly of cow manure.

Coddled (look it up)
Raw as it comes prairie oyster comes to mind.