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How might I thresh barley to make beer?? Answered

I have a patch of 2-row barley growing, thickly. When ready I can mow with my tractor-mounted sickle bar mower. But how can I thresh the grain from the straw so it will still sprout, to make malt for my home brewed beer? I tried an unpowered reel lawnmower, didn't work. This year I expect to try running my snowblower on slow, using tarps to catch grain. But I expect I could construct a small thresher, Powered or not? Prefer hand power to grow my own beer.


have you attempted to malt barley before?i have and it was really tediuos and was not succesful at all,personally id just buy malted barley,if you have a simple method please let us know.

harvest it using a proper header would be my call!!! either that or the moccasin thing.


8 years ago

Just go to the damn store and buy your beer

looks like the answers you already got are pretty solid. i've seen indians thresh some sort of similar plant by wearing moccasin boots and standing in a bucket and doing a dance on the plant. and they sang while they danced.