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How much coffee can you drink before you die? Answered

I was just wondering how much strong, black coffee you would need to drink before you die. I think that weight is somewhat relative to the answer so if it helps I am about 9 stone heavy. Anyone got an answer?




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In high school I experimented with ultra-strong coffee.

Some friends and I took a full pot of coffee, poured it back into the machine with new coffee grounds and started the machine again...and again...and again... 37 times.

I was left with 4oz, very black, oily, with a greenish tint.   Exactly what chemicals were concentrated I can't be certain. The liquid was acidic, cleaned a copper penny to brand-new shine with one swab.

So I drank it.

Tasted oily, but not burnt .  Was very bitter, but did not burn (acidy).  In about 10 minutes I had a serious caffeine buzz.  Climbing the walls.  30 minutes later, severe, acute stomach pain.  I felt dizzy, was sweating and nearly vomited.  Very similar to my first experience with chewing tobacco, only more cramping pain.  Back to normal in 24hrs.

I lived, my hair did not turn curly.  Basically a stimulant overdose.

My gut feeling (no pun intended), to kill your self you need to concentrate the caffeine, because it is too dilute in typical solutions.

BTW-  I read that caffeine may have evolved to help spread seeds, rather than discourage feeding (ie be outright poisonous).  Acts by causing diarrhea, so seeds are pooped out (spread+fertilized) barely digested.  Nicotine, on the other hand, is a poisonous adaptation. Can kill you quicker for sure.

Geo s.

5 years ago

Im only 17 and I know its bad to drink coffee at a young age but ive been drinking for ten years and still plan on drinking since there still isnt any side affects yet

if i had to guess, i would say 46897

When I was young and stupid, I took 14 100mg caffeine pills at once. I was exhausted and wired at the same time for 24 hours. Not a good experience...

About 59.31 cups.


Don't think 'caffeine', think 'water intoxication' for the more likely result.

Very good point. The body doesn't work very well when you dilute the electrolytes excessively.

I drink, on average, two pots per day. I drink moderately strong coffee.. So about 24 cups per day. It h'aint kilt me yet.

I weigh about 160 lbs, stand 6'1 and am 51 years old. I've been doing this for nearly thirty years.

Based on the average lifespan of males in our family (setting aside deaths due to accident, being killed defending people who spit on my country, anmd similar unnatural acts) I expect that I'll last another 35 years, so 85 or 85 as far as I can tell.

paperback calculation, assuming some days when I just can't get as much coffee as I normally do, let's assume 300 days of drinking like this per year

so 300 x 24 x 60 = 432000 cups, or 27000 gallons.

Would you like me to convert that to metric?

I'm revising my estimate, since I doubt I'll be drinking 2 pots a day when I'm 80.

let's say 20000 gallons

Doubt you could do it by drinking coffee, you would get ill before reaching the point of no return. Your body would violently reject, the excess...

It's quite a lot, but you shouldn't try.


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A lot.

I used to drink six to eight litres of filter coffee per day, rounding the day off with a mug of espresso (not one of those little espresso cups).

I'm fine.

(I forgot to add; you need to look for the "LD50" of caffeine to work out how much coffee in a day would be fatal.)

The LD 50 of caffeine the main active ingredient in coffee is 192mg/kg.

Considering that the average filter coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine and let's say the average person weights 180kg roughly. This means in order to kill roughly 50 % of the population you would need to drink 192 x 180 / 100 = 345 cups of filter coffee in order to kill someone.

Reminder: LD50 is the point at which half the population keels over. Many are more sensitive, especially if they're taking other drugs which compete for the same detox enzymes. Many are less.

Yes, body mass probably affects this, but as Hiddenpower points out, most folks would have to work pretty darned hard to kill themselves this way.

It may be significantly easier to HURT yourself this way. Caffeine is a stimulant, with all the good and bad effects thereof.

(Remember that the reason plants create caffeine is as an insecticide...)

Hmmm...let's see. Three cups per day, assume I started when I was 20 and live to be 80... 60*365.25*3 = 65,745 cups, at 8 oz each ... I can drink about 4,000 gallons of coffee before I die.

One heck of a lot. I found it in a recent spat on an 'ible called "caffeine jello shots"