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How much damage can a wall socket do to a person? Answered

I took apart my cell phone charger and put the two prongs in the outlet so that i wouldnt lose them and as it turns out, metal conducts electricity, and i shocked myself. (it was kinda fun) i know that isnt serious, but how many times would it take for there to be lasting damage to my brain or something?



11 years ago

Oh i wasnt thinking of doing it as a prank. I was just wondering.

Hehe... Speaking of pranks.. In Highschool (back in the 70's), we used to strip and tin the wire of an automotive condenser (capacitor) and remove the clip. This made it look like a silver fire cracker. We'd then charge it to 100vdc from the project power supplies in the Electronics Lab. If handled by just the case it was safe and you could place it on a desk with the wire (wick) pointing up. Eventually, some curious passerby would pick it up (usually by the base) and then grab the wire. The condenser didn't hold enough current to do any damage, but the kick was plenty for a great laugh.

you a reasonably safe if it is a 120V outlet, but if it was a 220V you could have some serious problems, i have actually seen a 220V throw someone across the room, yes that can and will happen

It's not the voltage that hurts; It's the current. I've been thrown by 120vac as well as 24vac. It all depends on the environment (shoes, floor or ground, humidity, entry and exit point, etc.) and available current. The most severe shock I've ever received was from 480vdc off of a wind generator. The engineer that designed the inverter board I was testing placed two opposing traces less than 1/4" apart. After I woke up, I discovered a black spot of skin on my thumb (3rd degree burn). I guess I was lucky. Of course, the board design was immediately rejected.

yes i know it is also envrimental factors too. but i also did some reasearch and the actoul throwing across the room, is just your reaction to the shock, when you recieave it you jump backward making yourself think you were thrown.

If you receive the jolt on by closing the circuit with one hand, you're fairly safe (except for the discomfort and possible burn), since electricity follows the shortest route and will only pass through that hand. Now if you were to touch the hot line and the (a/any) ground with the other hand, the current could pass through your body as well as your heart and cause cardiac-fibrillation (heart attack), possibly resulting in death. On a side note: My grandfather used to brag that when he was an electrician early last century, he would test a wire to see if it was hot by sticking it in his mouth. As to how true that was? I can't be sure. But, as long as he wasn't grounded, I guess it would have been reasonably safe.

can't say.... I put a metal key in a socket when I was 3 or 4.... I seem to be okay :P How about this... avoid doing such a thing. If you're thinking of doing this as a prank - you can easily kill. You just don't know the condition of the other person.