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How much does a good hermit crab habitat cost? Answered

I am very sensitive to most animals and I really want a pet so I have decided that I want a hermit crab. I have done some reasearch and I am ok with how long they live and things like that. What I really want is some basic information about the living costs of a hermit crab. I am planning on maybe getting one or two hermies. Please help!!


Well I have decided that I wanted one too and they cost about 30- 100 dollars not bad!

Nothing if you collect a range of different sized sea shells

I meant like the aquarium and the sand and the food bowls and stuff like that and the humidifiers and other stuff

Here's some info I found online as well. They don't specify prices, but they tell you what you need for an ideal Hermit Crab Habitat. So you'd have to price out the stuff in your area.

Oh, I didn't notice that.... There is another ible by "samfelis" for making a Hermit Crab cage (6th one down the related list). It doesn't look too expensive. Maybe check that out and see if they don't give you a cost on the materials?

Try talking to "HermitGuy101". He's posted some Hermit Crab Instructables (you should see them on the right under "Related"). --------->
Seems to me, he'd know more about this than I would...

Yeah probably. I looked at him but he hasn't been active since 2010... :/

You're welcome.

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