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How much is granite worth? Answered

So today I went down to some local woods with a hammer (Geode,granite,marble hunting) and I saw that 2 friends of mine had dug up a 20-30 pound rock. It was a heavy little bugger. So I swung the hammer at the rock for half an hour until I had about 30-50 small chunks of granite. The main reason I broke it was so that me and my friends could split it. One of my friends didn't want it. The other friend wasn't allowed to have it. All that was left was me. So I then realized that it was way too much to carry around. So I told another friends that didn't help do anything but polish the freaking thing with a brush *pauses and laughs* that I would give him all of it but 3 peices. I'm starting to regret saying that. So I wanna know... is granite worth anything/expensive?


How much is this worth


2 years ago

On the beaches of Monterey, Ca all there is, is itty bitty pieces of granite

i found some withlarge specks of gold.

U could track down someone who would be willing to make something out of it, like a jewel crafter, an artisan, or even your local business/ home owner who would like to spice up the garden. Or u could craft and sell ur own things, like chess pieces for example. Nothing is completely useless as log as u know what to do with it

how much do you guys think this rock is worth


I was doing some landscaping and stumbled across a rock of granite that is a good several hundred pounds in size..if I was to sell it to a manufacturer, what would the money-weight ratio be? Or what would be a recommended way to sell it? That is if it's even worth the trouble of digging up?

Dig it up and sell it! Are you positive it is AT LEAST several hundred pounds?

i know here around seven tonnes of it are, in large slabs, accessible to me and others uninterested, I've been considering using the small slabs as new steps for a house, you'll understand in a soon coming 'ible.

It's only valuable if you have truckloads of it (to use as hardcore or track ballast), or enormous slabs of it (to sell to artists or to be sliced into table-tops).

here in georgia its so cheap that my curb stones are rough hewen granite ,it was cheaper than concrete.if a realy big chunk can carve it .

Break it into golf-ball sized lumps, glue on googly eyes and sell them as pet rocks.

LOL! Or play golf... AHHH MY EYE!!!!GRANITE BALL!!!

You can make quite a bit of money selling pocket-sized pieces to tourists. Find an area with a high disposableincome-to-intelligence ratio, and cash in!

. Since "raw" granite is dirt cheap (pun intended), this sounds like the best idea. Ie, granite isn't worth much, something made of granite might be.

Raw granite may be cheap, but what if one were to cook it to a nice medium-rare, add a little seasoned salt...

its worth 1 cent. im just putting in my 2 cents

granite is pretty worthless, I lived in N.H. The whole freaking state is made of granite, they pile it into walls that run for miles.

NH granite is used all over New England; even for mundane purposes like road curbs. 'Course, they do last practically forever.

It is the "granite state," after all... And there's lots more out west.

It seems you only have small pieces. Does it have any unique or special coloring? What is the biggest thing you could make with it? Kitchen countertop, headstone, granite tile, trophy base, paperweight, jewelry, garden rock, cement gravel, paving dust... Probably not much unless you say the rock was a meteorite that crashed in the forest...

The biggest... probably a garden rock. And it is pink white and black.

I believe its something where its only worth anything in large pieces... No idea, though..

If its worth a lot I should sell the stones in my land! I 'm on the side of a granite hill!