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How much is import duty to the us? Answered

I was thinking about buying some leds off ebay from Hong Kong and I wanted to know how much import duty's were.



8 years ago

I've bought lots of LEDs from Hong Kong and was never charged duty.  If you buy less than $20 worth they will not charge you (and often the seller will say the value is $20 on the customs declaration even though it's much more).

Alot less than it should be.

For stuff under 20 dollars I've never been charged.  For orders in the 20-100 range the seem to pick randomly, and its 'about what you'd pay for local sales tax', 5-15 percent.

For huge orders over a few hundred dollars expect the bean counters to see a red flag and DEFINITELY stop your package at the post office for customs fees, still the same tax.  Small orders = likely no tax.  It's not worth their time for a few dollars to stop, track, and charge for it.

I agree.  I've bought several items and never paid any duty.  One was over $100.