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How much knex do you have? Answered

This is a forum (Not sure It's been done) Of all the knex you have, post picture of all your knex (Note I have a little more than what is in those pictures below.

1. Oblivitus's Z35
2. Oodalumps's Not a Rectangle
3. Beameron's Wolverine Claws
4. Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's Hole Puncher
5. Logic Boy's Knex Knife
6. I_Am_Canadian's Spiff
7. Pile of rubber bands
8. LogicBoy's Logic Bow

And all the rest of my pics are miscellaneous pieces from around the house/coasters being made.


this is what i have now. it's about 17000 pieces


Nice organization boxes, till the last pic ;-)

xD that's just cars, boosters. motors... Etc. =P

Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's hole puncher.

NP! So your back into knexing???


By the way, are you done posting pictures for the Ible?

I have about 20,000-30,000. Here's a picture of my buckets of Knex. It's not all of them, and lots of the pieces are on Cataclysm.


is that a part of cataclism that I see there? or just a train?

Thats was a ri9ng lift he was working on. I can tell you no more.

And the gray rod tower thing was a contest on the Knex Forum. The highest tower with on 100 pieces :-)

Also known as the ugliest tower in the world. :-P I'll be posting a video of it at the end of the month.

I have to redo the ring, I just discovered it's too wide.

It rings. Just kidding, I'm keeping it a surprise. ;-)

Thanks! I haven't bought any new pieces in a long time.

wow, I have enough to build the L bow with a bit left over...


8 years ago

About 18-19K


8 years ago

 Hmm time to update my old list...
4x Big Ball Factory
1x Power Tower Crane
1x Hyperspace Training Tower
2x Screaming Serpent
1x Big Satellite
2x big red case
1x big yellow case
1x big yellow case
1x med orange case
1x small black case
4x small yellow (one with case)
3x Musical Carousel
Serpent Spiral
Loopin' Lizard
Starburst Spinner
All Terain Trekker
Cobra Helicopter
Maxima Grand Prix
new Ferris Wheel
Old giant Jeep set
Old giant race set

+ The usual load of small sets

From ebay/knexusergroup:
1200 green rods
500 Orange connectors
80 black round connectors
50 black rods (small white sized)
500 small black rods (small green sized)

I can't be sure but if I do a quick sum, I should have around 40.000 pieces. However it looks like I have about the same amount as Shadowman does... I think he has more then 30k.

Pic of my current project (Still got lots of pieces left :p)


That is honestly the BEST ball machine I have seen yet! Apart from Cataclysm.

I LOVE the base!

 Thanks! I also love the base :)

All your base are belong to us.

The base is my favorite part. Your building style makes everything very dense.

Nice! Can you get some more pictures? That looks cool!

1:Is that base made of knex?
2: What kind of lifts?
3: how many paths?
4: what happened to that old attic where you made that ball machine that looked a bit like a castle?

1: yep only knex
2: there's a mill lift on the right, and some other customized lift on the back.
3: 9,5 are finished at the moment
4: Well... my room is a bit weird, it sort of has two different floors. On the lower floor there is a stairs that goes up to the higher floor (where my bed is). And that is where I build that other ball machine.

That is all I will tell for now. Don't worry, I'll post more pictures/close-ups when I have finished it. :)

That is awesome. The only problem I see is filming, since it would be hard to reach many tracks since it's so dense. :-P

Is that your mill lift on the corner?

 Cheers, and yes that is a mill lift on the side. (slightly modified again hehe)