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How much of an engineer do you have to be to repurpose the tuner from a broken lcd tv to work as a dtv converter? Answered

Can you rewire and connect the tuner part of a broken flat panel tv to a power supply and encase it to use it as a converter box as it can do ota as well as clear qam receiving? This would be a great instructable if I knew about electronics and could solder!


You would also have to have the schematics of the unit... and a lot of design information about the tv... which would be very difficult to have.  Someone who repairs those units might have the knowledge.  I know electronics and i can solder... but that task is over my head.  Why not just re-purpose a DVD player that no longer plays dvd's... but will still work as a digital tv receiver.  All you need to do is connect the wires ... just dont use it as a dvd player. 

Got any links on this DVD player conversion?

No. Too many variables to make it worthwhile
And you have to be able to solder.