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How much pressure can a hydrogen peroxide bottle hold? Answered

For a project I am working on I need to know how much pressure can be safely stored in one of those brown 1 litre bottles that the normal 3% H2O2 solution comes in. It doesn't matter when the lid would pop off because that will be glued on.


Hardly anything: they aren't designed for it.

Would it be more or less than a 1 litre pop bottle?

Thanks, that gives an idea of how strong pop bottles are. Those bottles are made of polyester though, the hydrogen peroxide ones are HDPE.

someone already said that the peroxide ones weren't up to it though


Yeah but I never said what "it" was. I went ahead and used them anyway because they were the best thing available and they can hold more pressure than the hot glue I used to attatch some fittings to them.

the glue is probably ok, but it doesn't stick well to hdpe j think.