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How much pressure is in Hovercraft skirt? Answered

I am working on building a 10 hp hovercraft similar to the one published on 10 hp hovercraft. But i wanted to build it from scratch. could I use 2 tractor tires cut and glued back together.


The idea of the Skirt is to help the hovercraft lift a lot higher off the deck than it would without one, the skirt really needs to be soft enough to conform well to the surface, but not be impeded significanly BY the surface.

Plenum pressure is actually quite low - work it out - its the weight of your vehicle divided by the area of the plenum.

(+weight of rider)/A ...unless you want to sit in one place... ;-)


7 years ago

Tractor tires are pretty heavy and would add a lot of unnecessary weight. The skirt on smaller crafts is very light. On the really big commercial boats the skirt is pretty substantial but it has to be because of the weight. However those also have huge engines to power them. What would be a better idea is something like a tarp that is doubled and then stitched in a diamond pattern. That would help keep it from falling apart under the stress.

also, finger skirts, though taking a lot more sewing, they only wear at the tips, and can have individual fingers replaced.

Hovercraft shirts need to be very flexible - A tarp makes a good skirt for example.

The idea is to extend the pressure retaining area whilst making it flexible so it rides over obstacles. Tires? not a very good idea.