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How much resin/epoxy would be adequate in wrapping a wood frame in fiberglass? Answered

Im using 3yd of 50" wide 10oz fiberglass fabric and some 2" wide glass tape. I've never done any fiberglass work before, and I have no idea how to do it. The resins are expensive and I don't want to buy more or less then I need.
-how much resin/epoxy with or without vacuum bagging
-where would the most cost effective place be to buy it from

All Suggestions Welcome!

Update: the part that is going to be fibergalssed is a bike frame made of 2x4s
if you dont really know, could you point me it the general direction of the answer?\
I have a very limited budget by the way


To build a stitch and tape sailing boat 12 feet long I used about 20 yards of 3 inch glass tape and around 2 lbs of resin. Also used 1/2 a gal Acetone, brushes, rubber gloves, breathing mask and 3 pairs of disposable overalls - it's very messy (or I am).

Ok IF you need to aim for strength in the GRP then 3 layers should be OK. HOWEVER with 2 x 4 stude you are using the wood for strength why bother with the GRP just varnish the wood.

http://www.rqriley.com/bike.html IF your into building your own bike using GRP then this link may give you a better idea of what is involved and how you may go about it.

If you only need to protect the wood then a thin layer is enough - Mix resin as specified - Mix a little at a time it will only last about 15 mins. Brush on wood and follow with glass and more resine stippled in with brush to fill the weave. IF you need structural strength than i can't answer unless I have much more information about your task.

How much more info would you need? -made from a 2x4 stud -some lag bolts to hold them together -loaded with drilled out holes for weight reduction -vacuum bagged (if I can rig up a vacuum pump from other stuff) I'm going to try to use as much of the fiberglass as I can, I'd like a ballpark estimate on the volume of resin I'd need to use