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How much should I charge for designing a website? Answered

I am design a 5 page website for a hotel and I am wondering a good price would be. There is no programming, only html and css.



Charge what you expect to be a realistic hourly rate for your skill level, estimate how long it will take you and double it because your more than likely wrong.

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.  If the job is as simple as stated, it should only take 2-4 hours for the initial site setup, 2-4 more to write the pages (if you have your graphics and other data files ready). But it always takes a lot longer than you think it will.
.  You may want to work out a "maintenance contract" with the hotel. Charge them, say, $20-50/month to check the site once a week and make sure it is running, talk to the hosting service when needed, &c. Page edits on a case-by-case basis, but include 1-4 small changes per month in the maintenance fee. Any changes above the 1-4 freebies can be negotiated.
.  I've set up small, simple sites for free if they sign a maintenance contract.

get quotes from comercial website designers, find their lowest rates in comparison to the quality of the actual website . then come to an agreement with those quotes as the minimum payment, and come to an agreement of something between what the site would normally be worth, and what they think its worth, required that they think its worth more than what the proffesionally made one would be.

otherwise, try and milk them!
take a long time to make the site, put lots of effort, and exagerate the time and effort put into the end product, before asking how much they believe its worth, so they will try to not only pay for the sites quality, but to compensate for your efforts.

Also break it down to constituent parts:

Total designed product...Logo work? Design consultation time? Actual programming/design time? Graphic work? Photography? Flash (animated goodness)? Forms (contact, reservations, etc)...

Each is a module you can add to the invoice.

"required that they think its worth more than what the proffesionally made one would be. "
For the record, it SHOULD be as good or better than what a pro firm would be, since you're being paid for it, it IS professional by definition.