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How much torque is required of DC motor to move vehicle? Answered

my motor specification is power=500 W, RPM =2500, motor torque = 1.91 Nm, drive sprocket is 16 teeth, driven sprocket is 43 teeth , gear ratio is 2.38, diameter of wheel is 26 inch. i would like to move a vehicle of weight 150 kg with the speed 10 kmph. what would i do ?



sir speed is not a problem. i want my vehicle to run with the load 150 kg.

To efficiently use the torque of the motor you need to gear it down.

Now I don't understand you question.

You need to gear the 250 rpm motor down to some suitable level.

You have plenty of power to move the `150KG the electric car I linked to weighed around that and would do 30 MPH (50KPH)

If you need to go up hills then the speed will drop.

Your 7 Amphr battery will last approx 20 mins if you draw 20 amps.

By the way your question as such has a lot of variables you don't know,

The vehicle drag

the rolling resistance

The inclination of the road

all of these will effect how much power is requred to move your load.

am using 24 Volts 500 Watts motor. But an using 2 no's of 12 volt 7amps battery. (24X 7= 168 watts), it's correct (24 x 20 aph) battery.