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How much would a laptop cost that could run Fallout 3? Answered

I was wondering how much it would cost to buy a laptop that would run this game. Not necessarily at max settings, but at least run the whole game. Thanks.


If you don't mind replacing some of the common parts, it can make it cheaper.

With all new parts, and excessive amounts of RAM, mine came out to just under £1000, and can run all recent releases on at least medium settings.

Best thing to look for is a laptop with the best graphics you can find in budget, as it is the only part that cannot be upgraded.

Still more performance to be got out of it when the details on the processor are released to allow overclocking.

My M11x runs it good at medium quality (i7, 4gb ram, 1gb dedicated video processor) it cost me 800-850 (i cant exactly remember) i got it off ebay, used 6 months old. its a good laptop just watch the hinges they tend to break, nothing a bit of epoxy putty cant fix tho.

laptop aren't really made for gaming... alienware

Way to answer the question. If you think alienware is a waste of money, then what would you suggest..?


9 years ago

You're looking at around $1,000 -look for Processor: Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz RAM: 2-4GB DDR2 Graphics Card: nVidia 9600GT 512Mb.

probably $1,200- $1,700