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How much would you be willing to pay for fresh chicken eggs? Answered


I sell my eggs for £3 for a dozen :)

in the US we pay up to 2.50$ but the norm is around 1.50$

depends where ur from...in Canda we pay about $3.50 for a dozen.

At the farmer's markets around here, a dozen is $5-$8.  I normally pay around $5/dozen.

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8 years ago

Assuming the eggs have been properly graded and inspected:
For refrigerated free range eggs, 10% to 15% above supermarket prices.
For unrefrigerated free range eggs less than 36 hours old, 20% to 25% above supermarket prices.

I pay $3 to $5 per dozen depending on the vendor's history of quality (ie;  my sister feeds her chickens a broad variety of quality food sources - free range- so I gladly pay her $5 and horde the eggs for myself!)

Our local paper compared several groceries from various local stores last year (comparison ended in March).

In that comparison they had eggs from a local dealer (Shadow Cross Farm) that sells high quality fresh eggs that are delivered to many locations daily.

The price ranged from $2.29 / doz to $2.99 / doz.

Details can be seen here:

Whatever the average market price was for high quality eggs.

I dont buy food so i dont know prices, but probbaly $6 or £4 for a few (3-4)
i honestly dont have a clue im just geussing:P