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How must I solder LED, Batterie, Resistor and Switch Button together? Answered

I try to do this step... but i dont get it how i solder it together...
*sry if my english is bad ;)



8 years ago


solder the resistor to the positive leg of the led. the negative leg of the led is soldered to negative side of the battery. the positive side of the battery is soldered to the switch. the other leg of the switch is soldered to the resistor.

diagram below:

(BATTERY + )------>---( SWITCH )------>---(RESISTOR)------>---(LED +)

(LED - )------>---(BATTERY - )

in the instructable,the battery is a "button cell battery".you can't solder it to a component!you'll just destroy the battery,and worst maybe let the battery explode... you're instructions are true but you should put a wire in between the switch&battery.at; least you can place the wire and the leg of the LED directly on the battery.

true... i would recommend using a battery holder myself, i almost always do... except when i use a wall wart supply. i don't think their would be much of a risk soldering to the battery, at least done right. i was trying to give the easiest instructions possible..