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How mutch do chickens need to be feed,watered? Answered


The truth is that chickens unlike humans will not overeat the only exception to this rule are broiler type chickens that are genetically raised to grow rapidly for slaughter. With laying hens the types of things they will eat is more the problem. So go easy on the scratch feeds they lead to fatty liver syndrome in layers scratch should be reserved for cold winter months and as a small treat. Layer feed however can be put out in as big a quantity as you can keep clean and dry. I have 5 gal. feeders that last over a week more during summer since mine free range. You'll find your birds healthier and happier if you have an available supply of feed and water. Also if you are raising layers then you can supply a small container of oyster shell and grit especially if they are to be penned constantly. Hope this helps :-)

just a couple of handfuls per chicken, don't want to overfeed them. If you put a water feeder in the cage and gently dip their beaks in it to show them where it is, they will drink when needed by themselves.

Three or four handsfull of whole kernel corn per chicken seems to be enough for mine. Water them everyday and clean their water container every two days to avoid parasites. A five gallon bucket cut in half is good for watering.