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How not to make an instructable Answered

This is the place you can share all those instructable fail moments and help new guys like me avoid them. Its also the place were all your waisted time and effort can at least be worth a laugh for someone else. So if you ever made something stupid, done something wrong or just waisted some time this is were you need to be. Please be respectful and have fun!


I was in the process of fixing my microwave oven. Did absolutely no research on how to fix it but I had some ideas. The microwave had an issue with the door not engaging the safety interlocks so I bypassed them by jamming them with paper.

I documented everything and as soon as I put it back together I turned it on and blew the breakers for half our house. After doing some research I realized that microwave ovens have safety features that if bypassed will create a dead short and trip a breaker.

I had an issue with a power supply, and tried to measure if my power outlet had electricity. I adjusted my multimeter so it would measure 600V AC, but left the other (probe?) on the 10Amp.

I got stuck in an absolutely dark house for almost two hours... I found a flashlight, which helped me find my phone, which helped me find a crank radio flashlight. Still scary though.


O man thats crazy. Reminds me of when I short circuit discharged a 240 volt capacitor.

My fail moment is I spent about 3 hours making this. I was going to call it natures knife because it was made entirely out of plants and the thorns made it pretty pokey but when I was about half way threw my instructable I had to go to bed. So as I lay awake thinking about my nature knife it suddenly dawned on me I had spent 3 hours making a stick with thorns on it. I could have accomplished the same thing by picking a branch of the thorn bush and it probably would have been better made too! I then did a face palm mentally and came to the conclusion that the most important part of instructable making is to have fun. That way no matter how stupid you are you still get a good time out of it. : )


Sometimes you only get the right inspiration after you finnished the project and Instructable.
All that extra thinking makes your mind wander off and pick up things you have seen before and better implemented - like your thornes.

I think the number one thing not to waste time on is on an Instructable that is chewed over like no tomorrow.
Just don't make one on how to boil an egg for example...
Another thing to avoid IMHO is stuff that can't really be replicated by anyone at a normal level - like how to make silica aerogel at home...
And of course it all depends on your aim.
Some people only want to share some info or provide a way of doing something while others are just not happy unless they get featured and appear in the newsletter.
A featured Instructable does not always appear as good to someone reading it up and something with just a few hits might make you wonder why it is not featured.
I still have a bunch of unfinnished Instructables, some due to a lack of time and workshop other because I am still figuring out better or easier ways.
Wasted time? Maybe but if nothing else it also helps to reflect on them once you rework it all to finnish.

So many people died trying things, at least we only waste time on some Instructable that might never be published ROFL

Google how to make an Instructable before making one. I mean trying to make one