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How old is evereyone here? Answered

Just wondering how old people in here are. I'm 15.


22 in september

Ye gods and little fishes. I generally feel quite young, but you lot make me feel ancient at only 39. I have t-shirts older than most of you! Anybody got any good ideas for a midlife crisis that do not involve infidelity or getting shot?

Skydiving. Bungee jumping. Renting a sports car for a month or two.

. Most really cool ppl do. ;) The "regular" cool ppl, have 68-73's. The brave cool ppl drive pre-67's. LOL

I'm getting there in decade or so..when you've figured it out, be sure to write an instructable for the rest of the old farts here.. :)

I hear convertibles are a relatively safe idea. Pricy, though.

Better yet, get yourself a Harley and cruise down Route 69, wearing shorts and a tee shirt (it may sting, but no one will be able to call you a wuss or old for that matter). Technically, in my opinion, people riding motorcycles wearing leather jackets consider themselves tough, but in reality, they wouldn't go riding without their protective jackets which in turn makes them just like everyone else. I'm gonna stop ranting now since it's so late (or I should say so early since I couldn't fall asleep) and the lights keep flickering due to the rain storm outside.

14 now, turning 15 November. I am taking advantage of my teenage years. I don't want them to stop! Then comes a job, money management, diaper changing........ugh or a life changing experience?


10 years ago

11 lol

almost 18 Only two more years...

im 13 now my birthday was a few days ago

id bet im the youngest member, so dont try to ban me. K? okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.......... im 10 years old. there.

9 lol awsome year to go for the girls (:

29. Glad I am not the oldest one here. I started to worry. LOL

Well, is there some event that would make you fill in the other eye?

Jeez people, lighten up. EVERY age can suck, although I think most will agree that being 13 to 15 is pretty much the crappiest years. What I see is the importance of getting the ideas out of your head, and sharing them. A neat idea is only that; find a way to share it, maybe there IS something to an idea you've been kicking around, put it out there and see what happens. Ummm. WAIT, amend that. Unless it is about knex. If it is about knex, turn off that frekin' light and get some sleep! Enough with the knex already. (sorry, channeling my dad again) GK

13-15 crappiest years? Then I'm seriously looking forward to life, cause theyv'e been great.

in my defense weissensteinburg i am 13 and knex is supa gay! Now next topic. Pedofiles! post your street address, city, state, country, zip code, and hours your parents arent home

..I assumed most people would realize that was a joke..and I even put in a ":P" for added security. Anyways, for those of you who didn't realize it, that was a joke.

I knew it was a joke, it was just odd, him attracting all the pedophiles. Why is the time on East Coast if Insturctables is in california.

Okay thats just creepy I to rather just buy a gun rather then make one out of knex that can't really do any damage. By the way i am 15 going to be 16 in august


10 years ago

Just turned 40 last month! :D

Everyone's 15...

Wow, vegas. You matured early. I'm 14, 15 in a few months. Here's a rough scale for you ;) Knex guns - 13-14 and younger Decent ideas - 14-16 HOLY SHIT, THAT'S AMAZING! - It's their profession : P

Hey... I don't like that scale. I'm 13, and I hate K'nex. I've got plenty of decent ideas, but I kinda hate typing, so I don't have that many instructables.

On the otherhand, I would like to meet this Anonymous guy. Everywhere you go, you see pictures and poems and stories by him! It's crazy!

"Boring but probably useful information" - old farts. :-) I dunno; a lot of the amazing stuff seems to come from the HOBBIES of the 20-30 crowd; people with real jobs providing "more money than they've ever seen before" but still bubbling with all that extra knowledge and enthusiasm from college.


10 years ago

You'll have to add another 15 to the list. :¬)

It is obvious that great Ideas come from young minds, this is becuase we are so analytical and have non stop imagination. Im 16, and the reason I can make stuff is becuase I spend so much time researching what I a interested in until I know It like the back of my hand. Btw, being 16 sucks...

I'm sorry... I have to disagree. Most people, young people included, tend to look for the easiest answers without having to work. IE: "Tell me how to make this electronic thing-a-bob, 'cause I don't want to learn any electronics to do it myself." or "Tell me who everyone else is voting for, so I can vote for them too." A truly imaginative person will study how others did things to understand that type of thinking and then expand upon it. People that have the drive to truly grok things tend to keep that drive lifelong.

Well, you may be right. But I have to mention that when you are young (I mean by 16-21 years old) your learning abilities are better then when you are a 30 years old and all you are interest in is your job \ family \ whatever. There is exceptions but as far as I can see this is how it goes. This site aims to the creative kind of people that are doing that research-developing thing but the site also attend to serve anyone. Oh and I'm 15 years old.