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How safe is the "Copper Fire Log Heater: Burns clean with alcohol!" project? Answered

The Instructable itself seems fairly risk free; however, I noticed one comment stating that it could potentially become a big problem (the internal gases build up and you get a pipe bomb...). I have no problem operating the equipment necessary to create it, but I would like to know of any hazards of the product - besides general fire safety.

Here is a the link:


Thank you for any amount of the time that you spend answering this question!



how long will the flame last on one filling?

I'd add to Seandog's point the observation that it's closed with a cork. If it somehow did get into trouble, I'd bet that it'd blow the cork out before doing anything else.

That is a really good point! In fact, in its own way, it's similar to a safety release valve. Thanks for pointing that out!

Thank you for your concern, and thank you so very much for your ideas.

Just one more question... I was considering creating this project using a brass tube instead of the copper one (for purely aesthetic reasons), but I was unable to determine two things: how brass conducts the heat transfer (not necessarily that important) and how/if the brass would tarnish over time. Any ideas?

Thank you so much for your input! I was just worried that this project could turn into a nightmare... Just to confirm, you don't think that the gases involved are a problem? Based on my experiences, I do not think that this would become a hazard, but it's always nice to check.