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How should I emulate an RS232 mouse using the programming port on an Arduino Due? Answered

I tried to make a USB mouse to RS232 mouse adapter with my Arduino Due, but I couldn't. I used the right protocol and even tried to have the program send a capital M when it started, which is what real RS232 mice do when the DTR line is toggled (I was guessing that the DTR line was used to reset the Arduino). Can it be done, or will I need a separate adapter?


Without circuits its hard to know what you actually HAVE here.
USB mouse - Due - Serial out ?

How do you actually KNOW you have decent serial comms ?

I don't. I'm just using the built-in ATMega16U2 on the Due. Also, you are right about the setup I'm using.

Ah ! Well, in that case, have you got a rs232 level converter on your circuit ? You need a MAX202 chip ideally.

Until you know you have comms, don't blame the mouse emulation functionality.