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How should I get started in electronics? Answered

I want to start figuring out some basic electronics and robotics. I dont need to know anything major, but some knowledge of these things is good.



Best Answer 8 years ago

i suggest not buying kits, but actually try to buy parts.
just look around for nice projects on this site, there are plenty.
if u want something with microchips, i suggest the attiny family, they are easy to program, and the programmer isnt expensive (ghetto programmer)
start with something with leds (leds for beginners), theyr easy, cheap, wont break that fast, and u can do loads of fun things with them (attiny dice   attiny programmable LED)

if u have any questions, just PM me.
im a bit of a beginner to, so dont expect rocket sience, just stuff  i learned already, tricks i know,  and more like that...

Radio Shack sells a SNAP TOGETHER kit.  They have 2 or 3 sizes.  The large one makes HUNDREDS of projects.  The medium one makes I think about 200 different circuits. They just snap together!  Then you unsnap them to make a different circuit!  The kits are not CHEAP, but, consider it an investment in education.  This is how i got started in electronics.  For Christmas i got a "fifty-in-one" kit from radio shack.  I wore it out building circuits.  The ones they sell now have many more items to build than the one I had.  I will try to upload the images of both kits i saw for sale on ebay. I haven't had much success loading images to QUESTIONS though.  If no images, then go to ebay and search for RADIO SHACK KITS and you will see them.  The kit got me started on a career that lasted a lifetime and helped me make good money all my life!  So, dont worry about the cost of these kits if you have a REAL interest in the subject.

And while you are at it, google, "electronics tutorial".  There are some really first rate "beginners" tutorials on the net.  You can read them and do some of the experiments if you want to and soon you will have a really great basic knowledge of electronics.  Lots of them have forums where you can ask for more detailed answers and come back here to let some of these guys help you figure it out.

A good start would be to attempt some of the projects here.  Try those which seem within your skill-range, and then work from there.