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How should I go about cleaning an i-touch aluminium backing? Answered

Hello, i was wondering how to clean/polish the back of an iPod touch. I have used the dremel polish (but not the felt bit) and a soft cloth, but with no prevail. I have heard that 1500 grit sandpaper might work. any experiences/ideas?



Best Answer 8 years ago

For light scratches, use a whitening toothpaste.  Put a small dab on a piece of damp cloth and polish by rubbing back and forth in the same direction, not little circles.
Be careful not to get any toothpaste in the ports or seams, its difficult to get it out.
Once it dries completely, wipe off the residue with a soft cloth, wiping in the same directions as you applied it.
If they are deep scratches, you're pretty much stuck with them unless you can remove the back and take it to a buffing wheel.

the itouch's back isnt aluminium, its steel.

Is it polished or brushed ? If its badly scratched metal polish won't hack it.

Have you tried household metal polish, a rag, and elbow grease? I don't think I'd want to use anything more aggressive than that...