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How should I go about making it look like someone is trying to escape out of a canvas? Answered

Basically trying to take a canvas and then place a replica of someone onto it in such a way that makes it look like they're trying to escape... Not sure how I should make the person...


Maybe an old maniquin?

Do you mean how to support a 3D sculpture on a canvas or how to make the 3D part?

well by adjusting the positioning which is empathized by facial expression of your person first you must summarize why they are trying to escape

Or the effort it is taking to escape. Or the process of creation. Or...well, make it tell a story or imply a story of what is happening. (Hmmm...a ceiling piece where a sleeping? skydiver is falling threw the painting of a sky...) Personally, I'd go with an unfinished canvas painting where the subject is 'coming to life' out of the sketch, ripping threw the canvas (but with the same pic on a second layer, so that the canvas looks like a 'door' into another reality) or with wrinkles of stretching fabric becoming the 3D figure. (A book cover where the image is coming out of the picture, either duplicating the pose on the cover or tearing threw but obviously the same character...lots of options...)

well the reason defines the effort like if the subject is desperately trying to get away from someone or something the whole posture and imagining would change dramatically to if they were just staring out curious and wondering like a guess a sorta suppressed need for freedom didn't someone once said 'the just defines the means' ??

Paper-mache would be good for a sculpture.

If you just want to create an illusion, you can make an image "pop out" by using a warm color on a background that is the exact complement. Also, when the eyes in a painting are slighly indistinct and looking straight out, they will appear to follow the viewer.