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How should I improve my Instructables so that they get featured? Answered

I started off quite well with Instructables. My Instructables were also featured. I was enjoying it a lot. Just when I thought that I'm understanding the platform and can contribute well to it, I was proved wrong. 

From past few days, my Instructables were not featured and I'm wondering why?

Am I not putting enough pictures? But I document each and every step!
Am I making grammatical mistakes? But I check my drafts twice or sometimes thrice before publishing. Moreover, I use "Grammarly" which automatically detects the mistakes.
Is the problem in my writing pattern? Well,  I don't write long paragraphs, I just make bullet points to make the steps easy to read and follow.
Am I not providing enough steps? Apart from the usual steps, I also provide advanced steps for almost all my Instructables.
Is the problem in the introduction or main image? I try my best to express my idea in the introduction and as for the images, I use the advanced Renders.
Are my ideas not unique? But I search the website before working on an idea.
Are they very simple to do? But, it's meant to be simple. It's basically for the beginners. 
Well, I work on Fusion 360 and I only contribute to the Technology: Software channel as of now. Is this the problem?

I feel that if I'm investing my time on a project, working so hard to document it and contributing to a community, that should be good enough. Else, is it even worth sharing?
I have 20 Instructables now, of which only 13 are featured. Not every Instructable can be featured and I understand that but there must be something I'm not doing the right way. I'm seeking for some honest opinion here on how to improve my Instructables.


I can't speak for the staff that do the featuring, but from the perspective of a longtime member of the community, here are my honest thoughts:

Your content is repetitive and (sorry) pretty boring.

You're making digital designs of things, and through your cover images and titles you're presenting them as legitimate tangible things you've made. For a community that was built primarily on sharing how to make physical objects, this is kind of off-brand and almost deceiving in a way.

For example, I opened the first few because they looked interesting but have not opened any since because I knew what to expect . . a bunch of info on how to use Fusion. This is not what I come to the site to see, and I'm guessing likewise for the majority of visitors.

I can see why the staff would feature a few well-done Fusion-based tutorials, but they have to monitor the flow and variety of content so other users are not bombarded with things that feel excessive or obnoxious.

To me, it feels like you're spamming the site with promotion for Fusion, and likewise trying to pump out content to boost your team's numbers for the Makerspace contest.

The quality of documentation you have been presenting is excellent. However aside from the things I've noted above, there's that "wow, awesome!" factor that (to me at least) is completely missing from all of your content.

From everything I've seen over the years, that is an integral aspect to continually being featured.

Oftentimes, the most telling indicator of how your content is being received is the engagement you get from visitors in the comments. If you have relatively low views even after getting featured and you're not getting a lot of comments, that says a lot.

Just be proud of the features you have received, and share what you're passionate about. I Hope this was insightful. Cheers,


Off course this was insightful Annie and thanks for letting me know. In fact, deep inside I was myself kind of unsure if I'm actually over-publishing and that too something completely related to software (no hardware involved). Even I understand that not everyone is using Fusion and will be passionate about it.

The whole point of asking the question on the forum was to detect where I was going wrong and I guess that is achieved. Thank you, everyone for investing your time to clear my doubts. I'm already feeling much positive now. I'll try my best to contribute some interesting stuff here and not to be this "boring"! And Annie please let me know if my next Instructable has that "wow, awesome!" factor ;)

Thank you so much for all these suggestions, I'll try to implement them in my existing Instructables and also in my upcoming ones and see if that works! :)

I have gone through most of your instructables and they are good. There are few suggestions from my side for improvement

1. The main image should highlight what you did. For example Sun glass model to make it work and Fancy jewelry box highlight the table and background image only and not the Sun glass or Jewelry box.

2. Do not use any background image. Compare all your instructables. Most of the instructables without a background image are featured. You can use it any one instructable to show how it is done.

3. A person who is not an expert in fusion 360 should be able to follow your step by step instructions and replicate without any problem. For example in your instructable, "Create a Set of Rainbow Pencils in 10 Mins Using Fusion 360" in Step 1, your description reads like this

  • Create a cylinder of small diameter and large height
  • Create a circle (on smaller diameter) on a plane offset to one of it's sides
  • Use loft to create the mouth

As I am new to fusion 360, I do not know how to create a cylinder or how to use loft to create the mouth.

I can understand that it is not possible to give elaborate description in each and every step. However, you can make another instructables as a tutorial to fusion 360 and give it as reference. You can also refer the reader to Fusion 360 class.

4. You can add more steps if you find it necessary.

5. You can also join the Free online class "How to Write an Instructable" by jessyratfink here


Hope this will help. Best of luck

hmmmm... Only 13...

And the sole reason that I'm so concerned with the features is the MakerSpace contest but I don't think I'll be sending any more entries for it. Off course I don't want to spam people!

Rather, I'll use my knowledge of Fusion 360 for the Design Competitions :D

Just out of curiosity, what is an "Autodesk Student Expert"?

I ask because the way you're sporting the Autodesk logo on your profile page suggests an affiliation of some kind. This makes your participation in a contest sponsored by the company somewhat dubious - unless you're like other staff that add their Instructables to contests, but technically cannot/will not ever win prizes.

If you're affiliated with Autodesk even in some informal or unpaid way, I'm guessing your team will be ruled ineligible to win any prizes anyway. It's just something to consider. ;)


OMG, Never thought like that. But Student Experts are can take part in all official Autodesk sponsored competitions, in fact, they're invited to join those!

I don't think that'll be an issue but since you pointed that out, I think I should get that confirmed, so that I don't need to regret later on. And thanks. You've already helped me twice ^_^

Also sometimes have a good instructable is only part of the way to get featured. Having something unique is the other part. Some of your stuff is pretty similar to the one you made before that just different shapes.

Yes, in fact whenever I make a modified version I link it to the previous one. I even sometimes, edit the previous one and add a link to the modified version at the end.

The whole point of making two versions is that one is for the beginners and another for those with some experience.

For example this one: https://www.instructables.com/id/Made-Your-Sun-gla...

Right in the description, I've mentioned that it is a modification. But, if someone wants to modify the old version to this one, it won't be possible with changing a few steps. Both might look similar but have been constructed in a ver different way.

That's just what my idea is. But you might be right. I guess I should try making something else. But I work on Fusion 360 and I only contribute to the Technology: Software channel as of now. Is this the problem?

I've also made some mechanisms like the slider-crank, reciprocating engine in Fusion. I'm wondering if documenting them here would be worth it.