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How should I mount an articulating arm (for a flatscreen TV) to a travel trailer wall? Answered

A travel trailor has thin walls and lighter construction, has anyone had to find a way to mount anything to these kinds of walls?


Most travel trailers use some type of stud construction in the walls, either wood or metal. They are generally not as wide as a traditional 3-1/2" nominal wall stud, but are still there. Your owners manual or purchase literature might tell you the type of construction your trailer has. It might also give you advice for mounting things on the wall. Failing that, locate a stud near the area you wish to mount the arm using a stud finder. Then attach the mounting bracket with screws. Make sure the fasteners won't penetrate the exterior wall. You might also try distributing the weight by attaching the mounting bracket to a backing board and then attaching the backing board to the wall spanning at least 2 studs.

I would strongly recommend finding a strong structural member to mount it to. Or, if you can't find one, constructing one -- some sort of floor-to-ceiling support, anchored so it can't move and firmly based so most of the weight is going to the floor rather than the wall.

Hmm...I'd say you should use as large an area panel as possible applied to the inside surface, to minimize deformation in the wall. That, or mount it off something that free stand inside on the floor (table, bench, etc.)