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How should I protect my eyes when working with a laser? Answered

I want to built a laser cutter and have bought a 7W laser for it. How should I protect my eyes? What is important in building it to make it safe / have no risk left to hurt my eyes...


Search of "laser safety goggles," "laser safety eyewear" or "laser safety faceshields." Be sure to get one that matches the wavelength of your laser, or else it's completely useless. 7w sounds high. If you haven't worked with lasers before, maybe you should start with low-power red lasers.

Only if you use a high powered laser. And even if you are using a low power be carefulf when pionting at glass or mirrors or white materials. in any whay don't shine in your eyes. If you want to be careful just were sunglasses.

i dont think sunglasses are effective against laser