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How should I straighten my roller coaster tubing? Answered

About 3 or 4 years ago I got the rippen rocket coaster. After I was done I took it apart and rolled the tubing into a small ball. Now that I got some more tubing and decided to build a coaster. I got out my old tubing and found it to be all twisted out of shape (as in it won’t coil properly). Will this affect the coaster?? And if so, how should I fix the tubing?? Thank you



Best Answer 9 years ago

Hopefully, it won't affect it, but maybe you should try twisting it the other way, or maybe just reinforce the places where you're connecting the tubing, to prevent it from trwisting the entire track, but you should be fine.

just reenforce the track at the connecting part it will be fine i did the same thing

i think the best way is to insert a long wire through the hole in the tubing. that way the tubing can be forced into the chape of the wire (straight) the ebnding the other way usually doesn't work for large tubing, but it may work for a short time on the smaller tubing.

to make it ruler-straight, insert mini-knex rods in the place where the splice-pieces go.

what i would say is i would make a very long coaster trak with grey rods then put the tubing on the coaster connectors that are aon the grey rods ( do you get that ?)

you could get another person I.e one of you get one end and the other person get the other end and both of you pull