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How should I wire a universal motor for use on DC current? Answered

I posted a question earlier to see if I could run my AC motor on DC current, I found that my motor is in fact a universal motor and so could be used with DC current. I've had a look at the motor and it only has 2 wires, brown (live) and blue (neutral), I don't have alot of knowledge in the theory section of electronics and was wondering if any one out their could help me in finding out how to wire my universal motor to DC current? As which to wire to negative and which to positive, I assume it's live to positive and neutral to negative but I would just like to confirm this. Any help is appreciated.



Best Answer 9 years ago

If it will run on DC it doesn't matter which way you connect it. Might affect which direction it turns - try and see. L

At the moment the only batteries I have to test it on are 7.2 rc batteries, with 2 of these it rocks barely, is this to do with them being nimh rc batteries or is the voltage too low? I'm going 2 pick up a 12v battery tomorrow and would like to know if I need 2.

You'll need quite a lot of "juice" to spin that, 'cos I think it's a power-tool motor? If the 12V is lead-acid you should have a better chance, but this is a mains 240V motor - you can't drive that much current through it on low-voltage without a rewind. L

You're right, it is a power tool motor, from an old jigsaw. I'll pick up a 12v battery tomorrow and test it out. Thanks for your help.

. If a universal motor is all you have then see L's comment, but most universal motors you find laying around are less than 1½ HP and probably won't have the power you need/want.