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How should a guy geek ask out a girl geek, that is scared to ask someone out? Answered

This is the first person I ever asked out. We have alot of things in common. We are very good friends. I am afraid to ask her out because it might ruin our friendship. Also I am a big Apple geek and she is a small geek.


hey u guys are perfect 4 each other(as long as she loves you)

i am going to be completely honest about this as i am speaking from personal experiance...
1. grab thy self by thy manhood
2. release said manhood from death grip
3.just do it

i am mostly joking but really man just ask her out

hahahaha....that can cause some...problems later down the road...

ASK HER! Ask nicely, and from your heart and be clear that it's a romantic date not just buddies hanging out. She may be waiting for you to ask. She may be flattered. If things work it will be wonderful. If things don't work, be okay with it.

. If you are already good friends, then a low-pressure approach shouldn't cause any hard feelings. She may say no, but it shouldn't upset her. Most women I know would be flattered, even if not interested.

There's no good way to do it. She either likes you or she doesn't and there's only one way to find out. "Faint heart never won fair lady," so tell her how you feel, keep it as honest and simple as possible, and shower first. Flowers might not be a bad idea; they'll send the right message and earn you points at the same time (all women like getting flowers). Good luck!!