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How should i go about making my Spring-Action Airsoft Pistol semi auto? Answered

Okay so i'm suiting up my old Airstrike 240 pistol to be semi auto. Though i'm not sure how to go about this. I know i want it to be electric, powered by a motor, but i'm not sure which one i should get or if this is even possible. If someone can give me a wevsite i can go to to look at motors i can figure out how to install it. Thanks.


I have a cheap airsoft pistol m-2068 af which is completely made up of plastic and i have to reload it to hit one bb then again reload it to hit another... I am trying to make it semi-automatic which means i have to reload it just once in the beginning and then other bbs in the magazine get self loaded...Do help please

I just got an idea to do this- If you have junk airsoft guns, you could somehow make a spring mechanism that pulls the slide forward and backward at the same time- I want to try it but don't have any good ways of taking the pistol of my choice apart.

I don't get it. How can a single object move in opposite directions at the same time? That's the kind of tech that the military would quietly disappear you to a secure facility for.

Well this isn't good... the slide got stock when I attempted to put it back on...

I forgot to add that you would just take the springs out of the junk guns, I bought a walmart spring M4 and Colt pistol, I don't have the pistol anymore the the rifle's spring seems good.

The amount of modification required to make a spring action pistol semi automatic is so substantial that you might as well buy a semi automatic pistol of some kind.

The only ways I can think of to do it are to gut it and replace the internals with AEP parts or to have an external mechanism that cocks and fires it. both would be complex and expensive.