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How should i let him know i'm into him?? Answered

I really like this guy classmate who happens to be a friend for about 3yrs. I'm really into him & with the passing of time not only it didn't went away( I hoped for a while that it would happen so), it grew to a higher level. Right now he's dating someone else, the very fact that has made my life a misery. I can't make my daily tasks done , let alone my studies. I have to say i have been a bit shy letting him know all this time & actually afraid that how he will react & what will happen to our friendship. So will you plz let me know what i should do?



5 years ago

Live it alone for now..

Ask him out for a drink neglect be bold be touchy feely do as you feel

Enjoy guys are often very conservative and shy

You've had 3 years to get the courage to say something, and arguably, he's had the same amount of time to say something to you, but he hasn't. It could be that he's not interested in being more than friends, or maybe he didn't think you were interested. Either way, he's with someone, and saying something now could jeopardize your friendship with him. I get that your miserable, but for the time being, you need to just be a friend to him, and let it go. Use the opportunity you have to better yourself and improve other friendships. Down the road when he's single, you can re-evaluate whether your feelings for him are still there (or that you merely wanted someone you couldn't have).

Might be too late. There are a fair few Instructables about the theory of joining up, making up, breaking up and all colours of the spectrum in between.

You MIGHT hope his existing relationship breaks up on its own, and then you can finally make a move, but you MUSTN'T help break his relationship up.