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How should the skimmer and water level be positioned? Water doesn't stay in skimmer. Answered




8 years ago

if the skimmer is being sucked dry the water level is to low. Ive had above ground pools for many yrs and like to keep the water level about the middle of the skimmer opening. Skimmer is really a misnomer, most of the debris passes by the opening and settles further out in the pool so I like to use a net at least once a day, sometimes more to get floating debris and even some larger leaves and such that will slow my autovac

The water level should be high enough so that water is always in the skimmer.

 Thanks for the answer so quickly. The water goes through the door in the skimmer but gets sucked through the pump almost just as fast. Do you think this is ok?

If the water is going in then probably so is the debris.  You might try raising the water level an inch or so just to make sure that the skimmer doesn't go dry.

The water level should be about a half to a full inch (max) above the skimmer.  Anything more than that, the skimmer won't collect anything, Less than that and the return won't function properly.